Survivor 44 Episode 7: Matt Blankinship Was Eliminated!

We only had one thought after the major twist in Survivor 44, episode 7, and that was that Matt was screwed. With Brandon, Jaime, Yam Yam, and Lauren, he was placed in a losing five-person tribe, which caused a lot of issues.

If this were a regular vote, it would be quite obvious that Matt had absolutely no chance of winning. Why would anyone have any interest in keeping him at all?

If you are Brandon, Lauren, or Jaime, all of whom come from the original Ratu, there is simply no good reason to do that.

His social game alone made him a serious threat, not to mention the fact that he and Frannie made such a formidable team.

The Control a Vote Advantage has been added to the mix, adding yet another major curveball. Heidi discovered it and could make use of it to tip the vote scales.

They would have a chance if she managed Jaime’s vote and persuaded her to vote for Lauren, and if Yam Yam and Matt also supported Lauren.

It gets even trickier because Lauren might still use her additional vote.

The makers of this episode may have been inebriated when they put everything together.

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So What Actually Happened?

Survivor 44 Episode 7: Matt Blankinship Was Eliminated!

Lauren’s vote would be manipulated by Heidi, who would then have Yam Yam receive the majority. But in the end, it didn’t matter because Matt was the player eliminated from the competition.

With the possible exception of Heidi, it’s the best course of action for the majority of those concerned. She continued to emphasize her desire to help Matt, which caused some of the staff members at Soka to become even more yam-yam.

We completely comprehend the Ratu people’s decision to identify the group’s greatest threat outside when they made this decision.

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