Survivor 44 Episode 8: Idol Contestant Brandon Cottom Was Eliminated!

We were really interested in what lay ahead given how swiftly the immunity challenge on Survivor 44, episode 8, came about. We were beginning to think this episode was a fart in and of itself, just as Danny let out a horrible fart in the latter half of this task.
Why did they spend practically half the episode there? We began to fear that Carson might need to be removed for medical reasons and that nothing else would matter. There wasn’t really much room for them to eliminate two players in this episode because there have already been two evacuations this season.

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Fortunately, Carson’s evacuation didn’t take place, leaving us with one of the most simple Tribal Council situations available. Both the former Ratu and the former Soka desired to pursue each other. As a result, Yam Yam, Carolyn, and Carson were in the center.

Survivor 44 episode 8

When Danny revealed to Heidi that he had an idol, things became complicated. For some reason, Heidi then told Yam Yam and Carson. That might win their trust, but it also sends a message that Danny is suddenly a genuine threat. When Frannie was first the target because she posed such a serious threat, he was suddenly the target. It essentially came down to what the Tika trio wanted to accomplish because Brandon was the one Ratu perceived as the threat.

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So What Actually Happened?

Danny did, in fact, emulate his idol and he did it for Frannie, staying loyal to his original intent. Moreover, the strategy was successful. The Tika tribe ultimately decided against disseminating this, which led to the Tika trio ultimately getting what they desired in this situation. They avoided having to reveal their hand in the process, and Brandon is now gone.

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