Terminator Resistance Review: First-Person Shooter that Is Too Late!

Developed by Teyon and released by Reef Entertainment for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows in 2019, Terminator: Resistance is a first-person shooting game. It is based on the Terminator film series and takes place during the first future conflict shown in The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

On November 15, 2019, the game was made available in Europe. While the other versions were made available on January 7, 2020, the Windows version was made available in the US one day earlier through Steam. On April 30, 2021, the PlayStation 5 version of the game was improved.


The Los Angeles of Terminator: Resistance is post-apocalyptic in 2028 and 2029. Players assume the role of Jacob Rivers, a soldier fighting for John Connor’s Resistance against Skynet’s robotic killer robots. There are several different outcomes in the game.

The T-800 infiltrator game mode was introduced in November 2020 as part of a free update. It allows players to search for Daniel Ramirez, an officer of the Resistance, while evading resistance, Tech-Com, and scavenging patrols.

terminator resistance review

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In December 2021, the downloadable content (DLC) Annihilation Line was released. The campaign mode of the main game is when it takes place. In order to free a group of prisoners held captive by Skynet, the player joins forces with Kyle Reese as Jacob Rivers.


A nuclear apocalypse known as Judgment Day was started on August 29, 1997, when the military computer artificial intelligence defensive network Skynet became self-aware.

In the decades that followed, Skynet got embroiled in a conflict aimed at wiping out the last few survivors of humanity. While this was happening, small groups of human survivors banded together to form a military resistance force under the command of John Connor that was committed to destroying Skynet.

After a Terminator infiltration attack in Pasadena in 2028, Jacob Rivers is left as the last surviving member of his Resistance squad. While avoiding Skynet patrols, Jacob forms a partnership with a group of human civilian survivors that consists of Jennifer and her adopted brother Patrick, Ryan, a scavenger named Colin, and nurses Erin and Colin.

Terminator Resistance Review

terminator resistance review

Since the release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator fans have faced several challenges. Despite the fact that Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator: Dark Fate are both respectable and frequently enjoyable films (especially the latter), the franchise has primarily spent the last 30 years attempting to recreate the enchantment that the first two films so simply achieved.

Without a doubt, I didn’t have high hopes for Terminator: Resistance Enhanced. I was entirely mistaken. If you haven’t played the original version, Terminator: Resistance Enhanced is an improved version of the game from 2019. You begin the game as Jacob Rivers, a private in the Resistance. Rivers, who was cut off from the rest of his division and left trapped in Pasadena, eventually joined forces with scavengers in an effort to find a way to return to the Resistance.

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First-person shooters generally aren’t what Resistance is. Resistance places you in vast settings rather than linear levels, offers you a few mission goals, and lets the player manage the situation mostly any way they see fit. Slow-moving first-person shooter Resistance You’ll typically be sneaking about environments, gathering supplies, using your lockpick to access doors, and hacking turrets, however, there are more linear, action-focused moments in the game.

terminator resistance review

It’s a good thing that exploring them is both interesting and enjoyable because they are large and include a lot of hidden secrets and side quests to complete. Most of the time, you’ll probably be going slowly and adjusting the visor that allows you to see through walls to make sure you aren’t about to be attacked. Resistance’s exploration delivers nothing that is brand-new. All of it works well enough, and each level is made in such a way that you want to explore even if it means going backward. You can blast up broken walls and crawl down vents, and the stuff you find can be utilized as crafting supplies.

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terminator resistance review

Combat is terrifying when it does occur. Although you are virtually always equipped in Terminator: Resistance Enhanced, you are frequently outmatched, especially early on. It can be difficult to find ammo, and even common foes like Scout Drones and Spider Scouts can be devastating. Because Rivers’ health doesn’t replenish and you have to use health packs to get better, every confrontation is not only deadly in the here and now but also substantially weakens you for subsequent battles.

Resistance is daring enough to make the players’ reality mirror that of humanity in the Terminator universe. Early on, you have to battle tooth and nail for anything you can acquire; engaging in a direct confrontation is almost always suicide, especially when facing a Terminator.