The Bachelor’s Nick Viall’s Season 21: Where Are They Now?

Nick Viall’s fourth attempt didn’t work out, but he still makes for a fun Bachelor.

The Wisconsin native was originally introduced to Bachelor Nation during Andi Dorfman‘s tenth season of The Bachelorette, which aired in 2014. Nick participated in season 11 of The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowes again after coming in second place.

Then, when he finished in second place for the second time, he made history. While Nick and Kaitlyn’s friendship was strained after she accepted a proposal from Shawn Booth, he showed that things had improved when he joked that his proposal would be included on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever in June 2020.

The Bachelor's Nick Viall's Season 21

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It was a million times worse than waving at someone who was waving to the person behind you. TBH, I only have good recollections of this period of my life when I think back on it, he admitted through Instagram.

I simply didn’t anticipate that ABC would force us to replay the full unsuccessful proposal tomorrow night. It was indeed a season to remember. As time goes on, you never know how you will perceive things. I’m happy to say that I can call KB a good buddy.

While Kaitlyn and Shawn ended their relationship in November 2018, Nick continued to appear on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. Nick chose to leave the beach alone after connecting with Jen Saviano, which astonished viewers when ABC announced he was the season 21 Bachelor.

The Bachelor's Nick Viall's Season 21

And even though he fell in love with Vanessa Grimaldi, the two broke up their engagement a few months after the 2017 season’s conclusion.

Nick got back together with a few of his competitors three years later to record episodes of his podcast.

These seeming infantile antics When discussing the show’s sex narrative in an episode with runner-up Raven Gates, Nick commented, “I wince viewing back, but it was amazing TV.” I didn’t mind the edit, but it’s difficult for me to watch it now.

The Bachelor's Nick Viall's Season 21

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Even with Vanessa, he added, “we didn’t work out, but I was going to choose her.” That is the person I dated. I was crazy for her, and I don’t regret doing things like that. I found it difficult to relax and have fun. I was very concerned about everyone.

For more information about the biggest stars from Nick’s season, continue reading: (Spoiler alert: There will be several influencers and Bachelor in Paradise stints.)