The Best Moms! The Children of Supermodels: Gigi, Gisele, and Others.!

model mothers Many well-known supermodels have learned to balance their jobs with parenting children at home by going from the runway to the playroom.

In September 2020, Gigi Hadid and her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik welcomed their daughter Khai. (Hadid and the ex-One Direction singer dated intermittently starting in 2015 before calling it quits in October 2021.)

She observes everything, is constantly learning and is constantly looking. Hadid, who has been modeling since she was a young child, told InStyle in February 2022 that she is simply amazing. It’s crazy. Many of my mom’s friends share that sentiment, and we are about to enter the first few years [with our children].

You have an obsession with them, but occasionally you get an Oh, my God moment. What region are you from? I just discuss infants, sleeping, and which bottles don’t leak with my friends. Hey, do you ever want to go out to supper without the kids? asked one of them. That’s right, girl, I said. Going now.

The Best Moms! The Children of Supermodels: Gigi, Gisele, and Others.!

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According to Netflix cohost Tan France, the Next in Fashion cohost is already a wonderful mother to Khai.

The Queer Eye celebrity spoke of his kid Ismail, who was born the previous August, and said in May 2022, “I’ve gotten so many ideas from her [for my son Ismail].” Like seven months before [my son’s birth], she had children before I did. She was the first person to send me a care box with everything my baby would require, and as a result. It was really lovely.

For her part, Ashley Graham is a proud mother of three children. Isaac, born in January 2020, and twin twins Malachi and Roman, due in January 2022, are shared by the Nebraska native and her spouse Justin Ervin.

I’ve always been told that when using No. 2 you’re much more exhausted, and you show faster, and GrahamtoldEntertainment Tonight, in August 2021, she is expecting her second child. It is occurring. I popped really quickly. I’m worn out. I’m chasing after a young child. So, yep, all the usual suspects.

The Best Moms! The Children of Supermodels: Gigi, Gisele, and Others.!

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I feel like I prepared so well for Isaac, nearly to the point where I may have gone overboard, she continued. I’m merely checking to see that I have the minimal supplies I require. Like, I just say, “OK, check check” while I glance at my boobs. We’ve got it. Simply need some diapers for newborns. Check twice.

There are many more model mothers than just Hadid and the Pretty Big Deal podcast presenter.

In January 2016, Tyra Banks received her son York, who she shares with her ex-boyfriend Erik Aslavia’s surrogacy.

We do it a lot at home because I’m his first role model when it comes to beauty and appreciating different types of people, the exclusive Dancing With the Stars presenter told Us Weekly in March 2020 of her infant son. I’ve already started speaking to him.

The Best Moms! The Children of Supermodels: Gigi, Gisele, and Others.!

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For instance, when I go home, I take my wig off, continued Banks. He said, “Mommy, I like you and you look so gorgeous when you put your hair on,” the other day. I then ask, “How does Mommy look without her hair?” He then says, “Um.” I’m not sure. Really look at Mommy, I said. Do you believe that she looks her best with her hair up? He then remarked, “Mommy, you look lovely with your hair on and off.”