The Descent Where to Watch? British Horror Movie Is Available to Watch for Free!

Neil Marshall wrote and directed the 2005 British horror movie The Descent. Six ladies who have entered a subterranean system are followed as they fight to survive against the humanoid beings there.

In the United Kingdom, there was filming. In addition to Scotland, exterior scenes were shot in Ashridge Park in Hertfordshire. Interior scenes were shot on Simon Bowles-designed sets constructed at Pinewood Studios near London because the filmmakers thought it would be too risky and time-consuming to film in an actual cave.

On July 8, 2005, The Descent had its UK theatrical debut. It had its world premiere at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and was made available on August 4 in the US. In contrast to its £3.5 million budget, the movie made $57.1 million at the box office and garnered favorable reviews.


the descent where to watch

Friends that like to have fun together, Sarah, Juno, and Beth whitewater raft. After that, Paul’s distraction causes a car accident that Sarah, her husband Paul, and their daughter Jessica are all a part of. Sarah lives, but Paul and Jessica do not. A year later, Sarah, Juno, and Beth get together in a cabin in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains with friends Sam, Rebecca, and newcomer Holly for a spelunking excursion.

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They trek up to a mountain cave entrance the following day and then return down. Sarah rejects Juno’s apology for abandoning her after the disaster while they are both in the cave. The gang enters a small passageway, but it suddenly collapses behind them, trapping them.

the descent where to watch

In the midst of a furious argument, Juno finally acknowledges that she has led the group into a cave system that is uncharted rather than one that has been thoroughly investigated, which makes rescue difficult. She then explains to Sarah that this expedition was undertaken in an effort to mend their frayed relationship.

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The Descent: How to Watch

the descent where to watch

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The Descent is available to watch for free on Pluto.