Review of The Devil’s Hour, a Twisty, High-Concept Thriller on Amazon that Stars Peter Capaldi.

The Half Bad trilogy of books by Sally Green is the inspiration for this Netflix series, whose name is a bit of a mouthful but is well worth your time. This series is labeled as aYA, but it definitely leans toward the A of that category. It is a coming-of-age tale, simply one that includes sex, drugs, a significant number of deaths, and extreme gore.

It Also Features Witches, Though Not the Good Sort.

In the Fairborne witch society, Marcus Edge (David Gyasi), the father of Nathan (Jay Lycurgo), a 16-year-old, is the most despised and feared Blood witch. Marcus is the subject of the television series The Bastard Son. When Nathan turns 17 he will learn what his power is (Fairborne has just one each), as well as whether or not he is a blood witch. Nathan’s mother was a Fairborne.

On paper, they are all very high fantasy, but The Bastard Sons’ greatest accomplishment is that the program doesn’t feel at all fantastical. Or perhaps it feels more like a fantasy that is so firmly rooted in the reality that everybody can easily identify with it.

the Devil's Hour, a twisty, high-concept thriller on Amazon that stars Peter Capaldi.

The Bastard Son is a tale of rival witch clans, but it’s also a love story. Despite the complete mistrust Nathan has in his community at the beginning of the series, he is not the victim he is in Green’s books. Lycurgo is a lanky, charismatic character who is cheeky, sardonic, and witty. His elder sister Jessica (Isobel Jesper Jones) constantly teases him, but he brushes it off with humor.

Up until he meets a new girl Annalise (Nadia Parkes), a Fairborne witch whose father is the chairman of the Fairborne council, he hangs out at school with the geeky kids who don’t know he’s a witch. There is an undeniable chemistry between Annalise and Nathan since she is equally stupid and humorous and doesn’t care who Nathan’s father is.

As the Fairborne resolves to prepare Nathan to defeat his father, the television series plays with ideas of virtue and evil. This entails removing him from his friends and family, including Annalise, who is unaware of his whereabouts, keeping him in a cage and regularly abusing him until he bleeds to death. Can Nathan avoid his fate, and if so, are the blood witches really the bad guys?

the Devil's Hour, a twisty, high-concept thriller on Amazon that stars Peter Capaldi.

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Nathan is subjected to torture in Green’s superb book, but showrunner Joe Barton, whose extraordinary sci-fi The Lazarus Project debuted earlier this year, has chosen to be a little more forgiving here. It’s a smart decision that prevents the program from becoming mired in the utter tragedies of his existence. Instead, he is surrounded by horrors.

Marcus, a shapeshifter, strikes and decimates an entire Fairborne convoy. Jessica is a cruel and merciless person who finds immense joy in hurting people she views as foes. And let’s just say that Annalise has a very horrifying and impressive witchy power.

Therefore, there are a lot of fatalities and the stakes are enormous. However, The Bastard Son differentiates from most of its competitors by also being an exhilarating ride.

It’s true that Nathan and Annalise have been through unbearable hardships; it’s also true that if he doesn’t receive blood from a family member before turning 17; they are all dead save for one; it’s true that she accidentally killed someone, but it’s not all awful.

The action picks up as the two set off for Paris on a quest to locate Mercury, a blood witch who might be able to address Nathan’s issue. The three develop a strong friendship after meeting sexy alchemist Gabriel (Emilien Vekemans), a blood witch who has vowed to aid Nathan.

The Bastard Son is actually quite seductive for a show about fighting witches. There is sexual tension between all three of the main leads, allowing for a little more fluidity and ambiguity regarding who is onto whom. In addition, the soundtrack is hot, the locations are cool, and the cast is handsome.

the Devil's Hour, a twisty, high-concept thriller on Amazon that stars Peter Capaldi.

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A Long with Our Protagonists, the Supporting Cast Is Also Top-Notch.

As Annalise’s father Soul in Motherlandand Utopias, Paul Ready is a cowardly wolf in sheep’s clothes, dripping with subtly expressed betrayal. Jones, Jesper Jessica makes a fantastic bad guy because, like Nathan, she refuses to believe that she is an outcast or a victim, even though she enjoys playing Soul’s enforcer.

Celia (Karen Connell), the Amazon-like Fairborne in charge of instructing Nathan, is on the opposing side. As the program goes on, Celia gains more and more sympathy. You’re not your family, and that is the message that is made clear. Never blindly follow what others say is right and wrong. Additionally, make an effort to have fun because you never know whether tomorrow might be your last.

The brilliant adaption of The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself further establishes Barton as one of the best TV writers out there by taking the essential elements of the beloved book and adding its own flavor. Let’s start season two.