The Equalizer Season 2 Where to Watch: You Can Watch It on Amazone Prime!

CBS will telecast the season two conclusion of “The Equalizer” on Monday, May 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The show is also available on Paramount+ (free trial) and FuboTV (free trial).

In the season finale, Robyn McCall questions how far she is willing to go to get retribution for what happened to William Bishop.

According to CBS, “The Equalizer” follows McCall, an “enigmatic woman with a mysterious background.” For the duration of the show, she has been described as “an unknown guardian angel and protector of the underprivileged, who is also dogged in her search of personal salvation.”

Robyn McCall is played by Queen Latifah, while William Bishop is played by Chris Noth, Detective Marcus Dante is played by Tory Kittles, Harry Keshegian is played by Andy Goldberg, Melody “Mel” Bayani is played by Liza Lapira, Delilah is played by Laya DeLeon Hayes, and Aunt Vi is played by Lorraine Toussaint.

You’re just now tuning in to “The Equalizer,” right? After the conclusion of Season 2, more will occur. Officially, a third and fourth season has been ordered for the show.

In the Second Season Finale of The Equalizer, Delilah Finally Meets the Rest of The Crew

the equalizer season 2 where to watch

Also, Delilah is introduced to McCall’s group at last. When she learns that one of her classmates has been the victim of revenge porn, she turns to Mel and Harry for assistance. Is Delilah able to provide any assistance?

Mel and Harry can lend a hand, and we have no doubt that they will be delighted to deal with such a situation. They need McCall’s support, of course. Have Mel and Harry been informed of Delilah’s decision to turn to them? When it becomes obvious that Delilah takes after her mother, will anyone notice?

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Which Other Streaming Sites Provide Episodes of The Equalizer?

It’s possible that you’ll be startled to learn that this show is broadcast in more than just the United States. If you want to watch The Equalizer online, here’s how:

Season three of The Equalizer is available for streaming on Global TV in Canada at 20:30 EST on October 2, with on-demand replays following the next day. The only catch is that you have to sign in with your cable provider’s credentials before you can see anything.

Don’t worry; you can stream Global TV online even if you don’t have cable. The first thing you need is an Amazon Prime Video account (which costs $9.99 CAD monthly after a one-month free trial). The StackTV addon comes next and costs an additional $12.99 monthly. This isn’t the best solution, but it’s the one you have for now.

Both of these streaming services have location restrictions. You’ll need to hook up to a VPN server in Canada if you want to access them from outside the country.

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Just What Does the Third Season of The Equalizer Focus On?

the equalizer season 2 where to watch

The Equalizer season 3’s official teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much. But according to Deadline, we’ll get to observe Robyn’s internal struggle to separate her public and private life. that is, if she survives her kidnapping experience unscathed.