The Flash 2 Has Already Been Written Despite Ezra Miller’s Legal Issues.!

The Flash movie from Warner Bros., which has endured numerous delays and pronouncements regarding its release date over the past few years that are impossible for us to keep track of, is now (well, we’ll see about that) scheduled to open in cinemas on June 23, 2023.

And while the DCEU has experienced its fair share of drama, dashed hopes, and conflicted expectations over the past few years, no project has been the subject of more confusion and heartache than The Flash.

Since the project was first announced in October 2014, around a half-dozen directors and screenwriters have been associated with it at various points (and that doesn’t even include all the other scripts and attempts to bring The Flash to the big screen in the pre-DCEU era).

The Flash 2 Has Already Been Written Despite Ezra Miller's Legal Issues

However, The Flash gradually got its footing because of director Andy Muschietti’s direction and Christina Hodson’s ostensibly excellent script (the brilliant but underappreciatedBumblebee, and the even more embattledBatgirlmovie).

In addition, the film appeared to take inspiration from the Flashpoint narrative in the comics and included a multiverse-spanning element that allowed Michael Keaton to reprise his role as Batman in addition to introducing Supergirl to the DC Extended Universe. It seems like a sure thing, no?

Well, it would if it weren’t for the actor Ezra Miller’s ongoing legal issues. Miller is accused of acting in a very unsuperheroic manner, with accusations of assault, harassment, and other offenses. Just today, the actor entered a not-guilty plea to a felony burglary charge in the state of Vermont. If proven guilty, they face a lengthy jail sentence.

The Flash 2 Has Already Been Written Despite Ezra Miller's Legal Issues

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As The Flash concluded principal production quite some time ago and re-shoots featuring the movie’s title character would be much too expensive to consider, calls from some fan communities for the part to be replaced appear improbable. As a result, Miller will be playing The Flash when it eventually hits theatres. The actor has even participated in recent reshoots following their public apologies and commitment to seek therapy.

Despite this, the studio has reportedly presented The Flash in a series of early screenings for industry insiders over the past few months, and the response and buzz have been positive. The fact that the studio went so far as to commission a script for The Flash 2 and that it has already been submitted is, however, what’s truly remarkable, according to a THR report.

David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, the author of the blockbuster movie Aquaman and its planned sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, wrote the screenplay. Given that the DC Films division of Warner Bros.’s

The Flash 2 Has Already Been Written Despite Ezra Miller's Legal Issues

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constantly shifting corporate structure and lack of consistent leadership have made the kind of forward planning that their chief rival at Marvel Studios does so well all but impossible ever since Justice League became a seemingly never-ending circus of behind-the-scenes drama, bizarre internet backlash, backlash to the backlash, and mob violence, it’s pretty noteworthy that a script for a Flash sequel is already in the bag.

Miller might have acquired the assistance they require by the time The Flash 2 rolls around, or WB might have found someone else to step into Barry Allen’s shoes. However, the fact that a sequel is already in the works appears optimistic for both Muschietti’s movie and the state of the DCEU. We anticipate eventually seeing The Flash on June 23 in the interim.

Despite Ezra Miller’s legal issues, The Flash 2 has already begun production, according to Den of Geek.