The Government Wants Rhoslc’s Jen Shah to Spend 10 Years in Prison!

The US government has suggested that a judge sentence the Bravo star to 10 years in jail, less than a week after Shah asked for a three-year prison sentence reduction.

According to court documents released by the government on Friday, December 23, Shah participated in a years-long, extensive attempt to disguise her continuous involvement in the plan and adopted a succession of increasingly expensive measures to hide her unlawful conduct from the authorities.

According to the documents, the defendant played a key role in the nearly ten-year nationwide telemarketing fraud scam that defrauded thousands of unsuspecting people. Many of those individuals were frail or old. Many of those individuals experienced severe financial hardship and harm. Victims were repeatedly deceived under the defendant’s direction until they had nothing left. She and her accomplices persevered in their behavior until there was nothing left to be taken from the victim’s bank accounts and credit card balances.

Shah is the party charged with being the most guilty, according to the administration, which also stated that her tardy expressions of contrition are hollow.

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The Bravo actress has asked for a less prison term ahead of Jen Shah‘s sentencing hearing.

Jen Shah s Legal Drama: Everything We Know

 Jen Shah Be

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City personality, 49, explained in a four-page letter to the judge CNNobtained on Saturday, December 17, “The terrible business decisions I made and professional relationships I developed stemmed from some personal painful experiences that I was going through in my life.”

Courtesy of Jen Shah/Instagram

How I Got Involved In The Situation? was the title of Shah’s note. disclosed that she wants to be given a three-year prison sentence. The native of Utah admitted to fraud earlier this year and now faces up to 30 years in jail followed by five years of supervised release.

In March 2021, the businessman and his helper Stuart Smith were detained for their alleged roles in a telemarketing scam that robbed hundreds of people, many of whom were over 55. Shah and Smith both entered not-guilty pleas on all counts at first, but the Bravolebrity altered her plea in July.

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Mention It All! Real Housewife’s Legal Troubles Through the Years

 Jen Shah Be

Shah told Judge Sidney Stein during a hearing at the time that she had consented to commit wire fraud from March 2012 to March 2021 in the Southern District of New York and abroad, adding that she was aware that her activities were improper and against the law, according to Good Morning America. It was wrong, and I knew it. I’m truly sorry. I am aware that many individuals were hurt.

During RHOSLCseason 3, which debuted in September, the former marketing professional, whose sentencing was delayed until January 6, 2023, opened up about the fraud trial. Shah maintained her innocence throughout the episodes, although it is unclear whether she will continue to be a Housewife.

In November, just before Shah’s hearing was delayed, RHOSLC executive producer Andy Cohen exclusively told Us Weekly, “I don’t know what to say to those who want her on the show. She’s being sentenced on December 15.” I hope she spends no time in jail and can return straight away, but I have a feeling she won’t be able to appear on the show.

She continued: “[Her prospective sentence is] a long time,” said the 54-year-old talk show host. We want Jen for the upcoming season, some users on Twitter remarked. Okay, well, speak with the judge, I said.

Jen Shah Could Be Sentenced to 135 Months in Prison, Legal Expert Predicts

Shah did not attend the season 3 reunion when it was taped earlier this month, despite the fact that neither Bravo nor Cohen have commented on a prospective RHOSLC cast shuffle.

The Bravo officials notified me that I was not invited to the Season 3 reunion on September 14, 2022, the Shah Lashes founder claimed in a statement on Friday, December 16, on Instagram. I was upset because there would be no forum for me to confront errors and discuss my plot with the actors.

Shah also claimed that the network had a change of heart last month and had invited her to offer her viewpoint at the reunion special that was taped in New York City.

She wrote in her Friday statement, “I made clear with Bravo that I would not be in a position to discuss anything relevant to my legal case or sentencing because I respect the courts and there is a standing judicial order. This was unacceptable to Bravo, who claimed they anticipated talking about this plot. That expectation has no respect for the welfare of my family or I, so I won’t be going to the reunion, according to legal counsel. My family is what matters most in my life, so I must put my attention there.