The Green Council Meets in The House of The Dragon, Episode 9 Trailer

The royal family is now far more divided than before, despite Viserys’ stirring appeal for harmony in episode eight. The House of the Dragon’s foundation is weakened by many fissures; one tremor might cause everything to collapse.

This was revealed in the great, dramatic Targaryen supper scene. One tremor, like Queen Alicent, might lead to a misinterpretation of King Visery’s final remarks regarding the Iron Throne succession.

While Viserys desired Rhaenyra to succeed to the Iron Throne and also felt his daughter had been prophesied by Aegon the Conqueror to unify the Seven Kingdoms against the impending darkness, Alicent believed the King had made Aegon his choice in his final moments.

The Green Council, the penultimate episode of Season 1 of House of the Dragons, depicts the beginnings of the earthquake that follows the succession dispute.

Executive producer Sara Hess penned the script, which was directed by Clare Kilner (who also directed episodes four, King of the Narrow Sea, and five, We Light the Way) (who also wrote episode six, The Princess and the Queen).

An Empty Throne

First, after King Viserys I’s demise in episode eight, we witness the vacant Iron Throne. It’s a somber and ominous picture because in “Game of Thrones,” a power vacuum can be fatal due to those who attempt to fill it.

The Green Council

go to: Ser Opening the Small Council session, known as The Green Council in Westerosi history books, were Otto Hightower, Queen Alicent, and Ser Criston Cole (House Hightower s colors, as opposed to Targaryen black). Otto pronounces The King dead as (what appears to be) Ser Criston sharpens his sword. Alice tells the council that she is upset.

He informed me he wanted Aegon to be king, yet later in the trailer, Otto commands that the door be kept closed until their mission is completed, which is the realization of Otto’s long-held desire to see his grandson Aegon succeed to the Iron Throne.

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The Peasants are Revolting

King’s Landing residents are in uproar as the gold cloaks (knights of the City Watch) repress a mob of smallfolk who are racing through the streets. By the end of the trailer, we can see people assembling outside the grand Sept of Baelor, the church that Cersei Lannister will eventually destroy two centuries from now.

The Lords Bow Down

The Lords of Westeros pledged allegiance to Viserys’ chosen heir Rhaenyra at the conclusion of the first episode of House of the Dragons.

Ottos Secret Agent(s)

Several of them appear to kneel before Ser Otto Hightower, the Hand to the King, in this picture. Is that Lord Boremund Baratheon, who first backed Princess Rhaeny’s claim to the Iron Throne over that of her cousin Viserys? (PS. If you don’t mind spoilers, pause the clip at 0:22 for an obvious, if blurry, spoiler visual.)

To the Dungeons!

This appears to be Otto’s episode as we watch him give instructions to an unidentified long-haired knight for a top-secret mission.

Nobody can truly know you or what you’re looking for. Later, we see that same knight—who at 0:44 appears to have an identical twin—chasing after Prince Aegon and perhaps engaging in a sword battle with Prince Aemond One Eye, though the latter possibility may be the result of some editing trickery.

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Lord Beesburys Protest

Princess Rhaenyra is not the only Red Keep employee dragged to the dungeons; a number of others follow her, including Talya, a servant to the royal family who was last seen spying for Lady Maria, commonly known as The White Worm (Alexis Raben). Has her twisted loyalty been exposed?

Ser Larys the Master of Whispers

According to this Lord Beesbury protest, the Green Council is not a peaceful organization (Bill Paterson). The Master of the Coin yells, “Seize her, it is treason at the very least!” Later, we see Ser Criston Cole, the sworn bodyguard of Queen Alicent, draw his blade on someone who appears to be Ser Harrold Westerling, the Commander of the City Watch (Graham McTavish).

Have You Never Imagined Yourself on the Iron Throne?

I have found out something you should know, the cunning Ser Larys Strong tells Alicent, next to a picture of a little Targaryen kid being detained in a jail cell. Does it have anything to do with the kid, Princess Rhaenyra, or another subject?

The closing image of the trailer shows Viserys’ crown being laid on a green velvet cushion (this color is significant). , warriors bearing the Targaryen symbol galloping out while herald trumpets sound, and that multitude forms outside the Sept of Baelor. Have you ever envisioned yourself seated on the Iron Throne? The dragon dance starts.

Episode 9 of House of the Dragon On October 16 on HBO in the US and on October 17 on Sky Atlantic in the UK, The Green Council will premiere. The Black Queen will air the following week as the season finale.