The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 5, Episode 9, Is Called “allegiance.”

In the previous episode, Lawrence was June’s trusted friend and Hannah was on her way home, and Serena was psyching herself up to play the long game with the Wheelers. It’s all new! Now that Lawrence and June are gone, Hannah is still on the other side of the border, and Serena is again on the run.

Not as far away as before, but still across the border. Episode nine s most crucial sequence was the silent one that solved the Hannah riddle. The girl has been paraded in front of us the entire season, an obedient, perfect product of the Gilead system.

We have witnessed her obediently giving the Widow Waterford flowers, and we have heard her kidnappers/parents, the Mackenzies, characterize her as an angel from heaven who is utterly unlike the demon June Osborne.

Well, Mackenzies, guess what? Your child is not a saint. She is a genuine antique! Since The Handmaid’s Tale rarely awards prizes, it is best to appreciate them when they do. It was delightful to see Hannah sneak out the illegal pencil and write her name instead of the one Gilead had forced upon her.

The Handmaid's Tale, Season 5, Episode 9

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The fact that that name was written in a five-year-crude old’s hand, rather than the fluid cursive of the almost-teenage girl, when she was last taught to write, added to the name’s tragedy. In her own small way, Hannah Bankole hasn’t given up either; she’s still in there.

The Hannah sequence was important for its novelty as well as for serving as a victory in a losing episode. It was actually unique and not a repetition of what we had already seen, in contrast to a lot of what was in Allegiance.

By design, Serena’s entire current plot is a repeat of June’s (she has accomplished nearly all of June Osborne’s goals, including several escapes, delivering birth in the forest, receiving a smack from her “mistress,” and endangering the life of a woman of color who assisted her). Numerous times, June has gone through this cycle of hope, destruction, rebound, and renewed battle. And for several seasons now, June and Nick’s romance has been on a perpetual loop.

How many tearful, longing farewells have June and Nick shared? The last goodbye after the one on the bridge, the one in the vehicle, the one at the abandoned school, the phone call earlier this season, and now this.

Every time, Elisabeth Moss and Max Minghella play the hell out of their roles by declaring their love for one another and how different their world would be before, with sad grace, walking away. Although these are excellent scenes, they are practically the same.

In that The Handmaid’s Tale has never taken us inside mission control (a tense segment from episode director Bradley Whitford), the air force raid gave us something new and familiar.

However, anyone who has ever seen a war movie knew the raid was doomed the second Commander Elijah Vance opened his mouth. So, Mr. Handsome Hero wants to reconnect with his adorable daughter, who is the joy of his life. Oh, my honey. Before you stepped off the runway, they might as well have placed you in the casket.

It depends on the individual (and full disclosure: I’m not American), but the patriotic sequences in The Handmaid’s Tale frequently seem out of place with the rest of this daringly burn-it-all-down protest drama.

The Handmaid's Tale, Season 5, Episode 9

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Luke and June were naturally thankful to Vance for the possibility of him saving their daughter, but after seeing Gilead’s takeover, would respect for military power really be their default attitude?

In episode four, two persons were accidentally shot with a gun. It is also true that after having your nation violently taken away from you, its symbols and rituals must acquire new importance.

There is merit in restating the idealistic goals of liberty and justice for everyone in this context and in every context. Hating Gilead does not entail a general rejection of nationalist rituals.

However, wasn’t the climax a cheese fest? The melody soars as June intervenes to help the reluctant fatherless daughter who is stumbling over her words before leaping slowly to shield her from the gunfire.

Although it is important to highlight the violence that results from anti-immigration discourse, this scene’s execution was so emotionally charged and sincere for a program that is capable of irreverence that it was difficult to take it seriously. As previously noted, individual experiences may vary.

The episode’s emphasis on Lawrence and his shaky journey along the tightrope in the direction of a better Gilead was less hysterical. Reluctantly, he assented to pressure to remarry, and even more reluctantly, it appears that Naomi Putnam recognizes a lifeline when she sees one.

Lawrence used June’s desperation to plant information that resulted in the foiled rescue effort in order to boost Gilead’s reputation abroad. He received military praise for the tactic, but he also lost June Osborne and a small portion of his already severely tarnished soul. a just trade? We’ll discover that.