The Hating Game Movie Where to Watch? Information About the Romantic Comedy, Release Date!

Who doesn’t adore a nice romance between enemies and lovers? The upcoming film The Hating Game might be totally up your alley if you like that kind of romantic comedy plot.

Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell feature in The Hating Game, which is based on Sally Thorne’s best-selling book of the same name. They play two office competitors whose drive to outdo one another at work takes an unexpected turn when they (gasp!) begin feeling attracted to one another.

Here is the information you require regarding where to view The Hating Game and when to anticipate seeing it on streaming services if you’re in the mood for an intriguing new rom-com.


After their rival publishing companies merge, two executive assistants named Lucy Hale and Josh are made to work together despite their dislike for one another. They are total opposites in every manner, and their constant antagonism intensifies when they compete head-to-head for the same promotion: managing director.

the hating game movie where to watch

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Lucy makes the decision to engage in a brutal game of one-upmanship with Josh in order to advance her career without sacrificing her morals. When an innocent elevator journey turns romantically heated in a matter of seconds, this game suddenly becomes more difficult than she had anticipated. As Lucy grows more drawn to Josh, her alleged enemy, she starts to doubt everything about their connection, especially the thin line between love and hatred.

The Hating Game Is Set to Release This Week

This Friday, December 10, 2021, the next rom-com will open in select theaters in the USA. The UK release date has not yet been determined, but fans can anticipate The Hating Game to be available on Amazon Prime Video in that country.

The Hating Game: Cast, characters, and what to expect from the film

The following cast members appear in Sally Thorne’s fictional universe’s film adaptation:

portrayed by Lucy Hale A. Lucy Hutton According to Austin Stowell Jeremy Templeman As depicted by Nicholas Baroudi Templeman, Patrick Corbin Bernsen depicts Bexley Helen is portrayed by Sakina Jaffrey Billy Playing Mack is Thomas Myott. Actress Tania Asnes plays Annabelle. Playing Julie is Yasha Jackson.

The movie will bring Lucy and Josh’s personalities to life, so viewers should have high hopes. The trailer opens with the typical rom-com cliché—the boy and the girl disliking each other to the core—that can be seen in a lot of romantic comedies. While always at odds, both are depicted as the other’s enemy. Then comes the chance to get a better work title, and both Lucy and Josh are put up against each other as their little fights turn into a fight.

the hating game movie where to watch

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Where Can I View the Hatting Game:

On Friday, December 10, The Hating Game makes its theatrical and VOD premieres.
Tickets for the romantic comedy near you can be found here if you wish to see it at a theater. You may rent The Hating Game via digital distribution channels like Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube, and more if you’d prefer to watch it from the comfort of your couch.

The Hating Game Will Be on Hbo Max, Right?

No. Since The Hating Game is a Vertical Entertainment production rather than a Warner Bros. production, it won’t be available to stream on HBO Max when it debuts in theaters. This movie won’t be available on the service when it debuts in theaters, but there’s a chance it may later on.

the hating game movie where to watch

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Is Netflix Having a Game?

No. It’s unlikely that The Hating Game will ever be available on Netflix. Sorry!