The Mandalorian a Recent Addition to Disney+? New Season 4 Expectations!

Is The Mandaloriannew this week on Disney+? After what you saw last week, we do think things have been set up rather interesting! Din Djarin now may be doing some tangential work for the New Republic, Mandalore now has more stability, and the future is wide open for more adventures.

Rather interestingly, though, there was no enormous cliffhanger for season 4, even though Jon Favreau has already put it on the record that he has already filmed all of season 3.

Now, let s go ahead and get the bad news out there: You won t have a chance to see Mando, Grogu, or any of these other familiar characters on the streaming service this week. With last week serving as the finale, The Mandalorian is now on a somewhat-indefinite hiatus.
Technically the show has not been renewed for another season just yet, but we do think that this is more or less a foregone conclusion. We say this knowing that the reception to season 3 was sometimes mixed.
The Mandalorian

The real question at this point is simply when we’re going to have a chance to see more of Mando s adventures. There is a live-action movie also in development featuring characters from this era of the Star Wars universe, but there is no real timeline for a lot of this as of yet.

In the end, we do think that we’re going to be waiting for over a year to see new episodes, and it could be even longer than that. The Mandalorian is one of those shows that do take a long time to make and for a number of different reasons.

Not only does it take a while to film, but it requires a lot of post-production due to the special effects. Disney+ also has a lot of other shows to get through, so they probably will not need to hurry anything along.

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What are you the most excited to see on The Mandalorian as we approach season 4?

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