The Many Saints of Newark Where to Watch : Watch ‘the Many Saints of Newark’ for Free Online!

David Chase, who won an Emmy for creating The Sopranos, is behind The Many Saints of Newark, a prequel film to The Sopranos that is currently available on HBO Max. As a child, Anthony Soprano witnessed his father being arrested, and he grew up in Newark, New Jersey, during the 1960s and 1970s in this story. His father’s son, Michael Gandolfini, succeeds him in the role of the late James Gandolfini, who passed away in 2013.

Alan Taylor, who directed several episodes of The Sopranos, returns to helm the picture, while the script was written by Sopranos creator David Chase and former Sopranos writer Lawrence Konner, who wrote the show’s first season.

You may watch The Many Saints of Newark, HBO’s prequel to The Sopranos series, in theatres or online on HBO Max if you’re a die-hard fan of the show or just want to see what happens before the main event. Here’s how to see the movie on the internet: If you haven’t seen any of the Sopranos episodes, you should do so before seeing the new movie.

The Many Saints of Newark: When Will It Be Released?

October 1 is the date of The Many Saints of Newark’s debut. Streaming will begin on the same day as its theatrical debut in the US. Interested in seeing it in person at the cinema? See if The Many Saints of Newark is playing in your area by checking out your local movie houses. Tickets and showtimes are available here. On HBO Max, you will be able to watch The Many Saints of Newark for free for the next 31 days, as with prior blockbuster premieres.

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How to Stream The Many Saints of Newark Online

Steam The Many Saints of Newark for free if you want. The first step is to get an HBO Max membership. Only HBO Max can stream The Many Saints of Newark at this time. Each month, HBO Max Ad-Free subscribers pay $14.99 to enjoy a wide variety of episodes and movies. As a bonus, you’ll get a 16 percent discount on HBO Max if you prepay for a year’s service ($99.99 with advertising, $149.99 without). With an HBO Max subscription, you can watch The Many Saints of Newark online in 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos on your computer, phone, or television. (Note: Playing 4K material on your TV requires a 4K-compatible device; we recommend the Fire TV Stick 4K, which is currently $39.99.)

the many saints of newark where to watch

One perk of the ad-free HBO Max subscription is the ability to watch content without interruption. The Many Saints of Newark and many other films will be available on the streaming service on the same day they are released in theatres to subscribers. HBO Max subscribers will get access to the complete back library of HBO shows, including the classic original Sopranos, which aired for 86 episodes beginning in the year 2021. Details on HBO Max’s cost can be found on this page.

For Free: How to Watch The Many Saints of Newark

However, unlike some other streaming services, HBO Max does not currently provide a free trial. Although HBO Max is not included in the 7-day Hulu trial, you may download it for free. To view The Many Saints of Newark for free, there’s another method. One of AT&T’s unlimited plans gives you access to HBO Max, as well as a number of other perks, including unlimited phone, TV, and internet service. Sign in using your AT&T or DIRECTV credentials to the HBO Max app and you’ll be able to view the show for free. Additionally, HBO Max is now accessible on Amazon Fire TV and Roku, as well as PlayStation 5, Xfinity X1, and Xfinity Flex, so you won’t have to worry about watching the film on your phone or laptop.

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Watching the Original Sopranos on Netflix or Hulu

A prequel film isn’t required, however, there are numerous references to the original series in this picture.” Fortunately for you, you can stream the full Sopranos series for free on HBO Max if you have a membership.

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Duration, Score, and Plot Summary for The Many Saints of Newark

The running length is 2 hours and it’s rated R for R-rated content. This film stars James Gandolfini and Nina Arianda, along with Leslie Odom, Jr. Jon Bernthal Corey Stoll Billy Magnussen John Magaro Ray Liotta, and Vera Farmiga as other cast members.

the many saints of newark where to watch

It’s clear from the film’s trailer that Tony is an extremely clever 17-year-old who has no interest in school whatsoever. An introduction to the world of organized crime in 1967 Newark is provided by his uncle Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola). The city is at a turning point in the Civil Rights movement and the DiMeo crime family’s grip on the town begins to wane at the same time that this event occurs.