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Nicholas McCarthy and Jeff Buhler collaborated on the screenplay for The Prodigy, a new horror thriller from this year. Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott, and Colm Feore are among the cast members. As a result of their son’s strange behavior, his parents are forced to look into the possibility that he has been possessed by an evil, maybe supernatural person.

“The Prodigy” was published on DVD and Blu-ray by Orion Pictures on February 8th, 2019. Critics complimented the actors and atmosphere but panned the plot and dialogue in their evaluations of the picture, which made over $21 million at the box office.

Movie: The Prodigy Plot

During a police raid on Edward Scarka’s farmhouse in rural Ohio on August 22, 2010, the serial killer was fatally shot. Miles, the son of Sarah and John, is born during the time of Edward’s death in Pennsylvania, where the married couple lives. As a baby, Miles is full of wisdom and intelligence and can communicate effectively before he is even old enough to walk. Behavioral changes begin to emerge in Miles when he reaches the age of eight in 2018. A prank that he pulls on his babysitter Zoe leaves her in critical condition, but he denies any knowledge of what transpired. Wrench-wielding classmate:

the prodigy movie where to watch

he attacks him in the hallways of school As part of Sarah’s visit to Elaine Strasser, a psychiatrist, she provides a tape of Miles speaking incoherently while sleeping. A rebirth and reincarnation expert colleague of Elaine’s, Arthur Jacobson, receives the recording. Upon further investigation, Arthur finds that Miles’ gibberish is in reality a rare Hungarian dialect and that the phrases mean “I’ll rip your eyeballs out and watch you die.”

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When Arthur claims that a troubled spirit wants to take possession of the boy’s body, Sarah refuses to believe him. Miles has been secretly filming the couple’s bedroom with a baby monitor while the family’s dog is gone, and John is enraged. In the meantime, John has gone to stay with his brother, leaving Sarah and Miles alone together. Later, Sarah discovers a swarm of flies in the house and the dismembered dog of the family in the basement. Miles apologizes, saying that he needs to “make room” for someone disturbing his dreams every night.

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Movie: The Prodigy Cast

  • Sarah Blume Jackson (Taylor Schilling) in the role of Edward Scarka plays Miles Blume, portrayed by Robert Scott.
  • Miles at the age of five, played by David Kohlsmith
    Playing Edward Scarka was Paul Fauteux
  • Arthur Jacobson (Colm Feore)
    St. James, played by Brittany Allen
  • As John Blume, Peter Mooney portrays
    In the role of Rebecca, Oluniké Adeliyi
  • Moolecherry, Elisa.
    In the role of Dr. Elaine Strasser, Paula Boudreau
  • As Dr. Kagan, Martin Roach
    Playing Hailey, Ashley Back
  • Dash is Tristan Vasquez’s character in the film.

Watching the Prodigy at A Theatre

As a baby, Sarah’ll tell you, Miles has a mind that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Her son’s innocence begins to fade as he gets older, and she sees something sinister in him. To help her kid, she seeks the advice of a mental health professional when his peculiarities become more obvious.

the prodigy movie where to watch

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How to Watch The Prodigy

Hulu Plus subscribers can currently watch The Prodigy. Renting or purchasing The Prodigy on Vudu or Google Play is possible.

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