The “Rebound” of Each Other, According to Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor.

From setbacks to genuine love! Despite being married for more than 20 years, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor admitted that their connection was initially casual.

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor: A Timeline of Their Relationship

Taylor, 51, revealed during Stiller, 57,’s guest appearance on the Monday, January 30, episode of her podcast Hey Dude The 90s Called! that they were both in a bit of a rebound relationship with each other.

TheZoolanderactor concurred with his wife’s viewpoint. He continued, “We weren’t taking it seriously. The two of us met while filming the 1999 TV pilot Heat Vision and Jack, which Stiller directed and Taylor guest starred in.

TheAlong Came Pollystarremembered, “We had a great time creating the show, and then Christine and I connected, and then I went off to shoot a movie [Keeping the Faith] in New York, and I invited her to come to hang out.

The "Rebound" of Each Other, According to Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor.

I ended up going and staying the entire summer, Taylor added.

Stiller dated a number of ladies before his romance with the Brady Bunch movie star, including Jeanne Tripplehorn, Calista Flockhart, and Amanda Peet. Neil Patrick Harris and Taylor dated from 1987 to 1988. The 49-year-old How I Met Your Mother veteran publicly admitted to being gay in November 2006. Harris claimed that his friendship with Taylor assisted him in coming to grips with his sexuality two years later.

She is the sweetest, coolest girl ever. She’s a stunning hottie, and I remember thinking, “If I’m not going to feel the amazing sparks with her, it definitely means I’m homosexual,” the Gone Girl actor remarked in an interview with Howard Stern in April 2008.

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor’s Family Album With 2 Kids

Despite being each other’s initial rebound, Stiller and Taylor got married in 2000, just one year after they first met. The Tropic Thunder actor acknowledged that the couple’s engagement had a resemblance to a movie he was working on at the time during Monday’s radio interview.

The "Rebound" of Each Other, According to Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor.

Around the Time I Was Filming Meet the Parents, We Became Engaged.

It was a bit of an odd comparison because Christine’s father owned and still owns a security firm. He reminded me a lot of the Robert De Niro figure, the New Yorker joked with David Lascher, Taylor’s cohost, and Hey Dude costar.

The Craft Actress, however, disputed her husband’s account of what happened. I know you’re listening, Dad. You weren’t scary, she said in jest.

The 50-year-olds Taylor and Lascher have a romantic past of their own. While filming the Nickelodeon comedy Hey Dude, which ran from 1989 to 1991, the two were dating as adolescents.

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Lascher revealed the romance to Us Weekly in an exclusive interview while promoting the podcast debut with Taylor earlier this month. “Everyone has that one teenage or young adult relationship that destroys them,” she said.

We enjoyed our run. We enjoyed a lot of enjoyable times. Sincerity is damned, I recall the joy, the laughter, and the love. Then I recalled being devastated one summer. But, you know, that does happen.

On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

The Wedding Singer Actress continued: David, I felt awful because, as you said, I destroyed your heart. Once you became angry with me, I would probably have said, “Let’s try this again.” Then it wouldn’t function.

The "Rebound" of Each Other, According to Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor.

The Hey Dude cast members can still laugh about their friendship more than 30 years after the show’s cancellation. On Monday, Stiller questioned Lascher about his contact with Taylor’s mother during that time.

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Is there anyone on the planet who is sweeter? The Blossom alum gave a reply. The Night at the Museum star replied, “If she likes you.”

Stiller and the Search Party actress shared a son Quinlin, 17, and a daughter Ella, 20. In May 2017, the couple declared their separation; however, they later got back in touch, and in February 2022, they formally confirmed their reunion.

We are pleased that we have reconciled after being apart. For all of us, it has been truly fantastic. According to Stiller at the time, it was unexpected and one of the effects of the pandemic.