The Season One Finale of Quantum Leap Asked, “Where Is Ben Now?”

It makes perfect sense to want Ben home after the events of the Quantum Leap season 1 finale on NBC. We are aware that this is not always the type of show that it is, though. What becomes the show if he stops leaping?

The character of Raymond Lee appeared to be returning to the present in the final seconds of the finale, but it doesn’t appear that will be the case. Martin Gero, the show’s executive producer, provided some comments on the subject to TV Insider.

I can only say that he doesn’t run home. The events of this finale threw that for a loop, and he doesn’t return home. He honestly believed that the code that he, Janice [Georgina Reilly], and Ian had entered into the computer would bring him around.

The Season One Finale of Quantum Leap Asked, "Where Is Ben Now?"

Every season should feel like a novel in a series of novels you enjoy, which is the style of storytelling we’re aiming for. To prevent the show from seeming like it is in the middle of nothing, it was crucial for us to provide answers to most of the questions raised in the season’s first few episodes and have that serve as a finale.

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Also, we are aware that approximately a third of our viewers will wait to see everything in one sitting, so we want that to be a positive experience.

Of course, we do tend to believe that in season 2, the main goal will remain the same, which is to get Ben home as quickly as possible. Of course, there may be a lot of different creases as a result. You must be ready for any show that plays with time because it may lead to severe complications.

The Season One Finale of Quantum Leap Asked, "Where Is Ben Now?"

Also worth noting is that Gero told the publication that the season 2 opener in particular might surpass practically all previous episodes of the show. What else will get you thrilled if that doesn’t?

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Where Do You Think We Will See Ben in The Quantum Leap Season 2 Premiere?

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