Christine Talks About Her Last Day on The ‘Sister Wives’ Set in Arizona After Kody’s Split.!

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a final goodbye. Because she and Kody Brown are no longer together, Christine Brown won’t be going to Arizona.

Sister Wives Christine Brown and Kody Brown’s Ups and Downs Over the Years

The 50-year-old Sister Wives actress shared a behind-the-scenes look at her final day in the confessional studio on social media on Tuesday, December 27. I’m working on the Flagstaff set for the last time today. And, as Christine mentioned in the TikTok video, it’s a touch bittersweet.

She continued: I’ve spent years sitting on this couch talking about the show and expressing my emotions. It’s a little sad that this is the last time.

Christine stated in the caption that she had already recorded the video before leaving for home. She captioned the photo, “I filmed this the last day I was on the Flagstaff set.” I spend a year going back and forth. two 8-hour drives per week. I’m so happy to have found a home in Utah!

he 'Sister Wives' Set in Arizona After Kody's Split

Since the ex-breakup, the couple’s reality star, who has six children with Kody, 53, moved from Arizona to Utah.

Kody and I have grown apart after more than 25 years of being married, and I have decided to leave, Christina stated on Instagram in November 2021.

As we raise our lovely children and take care of our amazing family, we will continue to be a strong presence in each other’s life. As we move through this phase in our family, we now ask for your love and grace.

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A Breakdown of Where Kody Brown Stands With His Sister Wives, Exes

In 1994, the ex-couples had a mystical union. The Wyoming native’s first marriage was valid from 1990 to 2014 Meri Brown. He later wed Robyn Brown in 2014 after entering a spiritual marriage with his sister-in-law Janelle Brown.

Janelle, 53, announced earlier this month that she was also divorced from Kody. For her part, Meri, 51, confirmed that Kody also broke up with them. In the midst of Christine’s departure in season 17, Robyn, 44, spoke out about the difficulties in her marriage.

he 'Sister Wives' Set in Arizona After Kody's Split

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Where Do Sister Wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Stand With Each Other?

When your husband’s wife leaves him, it might be difficult to be a plural wife, Robyn said in the season 17 finale, which aired in December. The majority of men who are monogamous go out and date whoever. And they’re pissed off and enraged. and think women are inferior.

he 'Sister Wives' Set in Arizona After Kody's Split

The mother of five claims that everyone has been impacted by Christine’s choice to leave the family. While he is married, he is dealing with that. Robyn said, “And I’ve told him multiple times that I feel like he’s lined up all the women, and I’m there too. And because Christine is a woman, he is shooting us all to death. He is also hurt and enraged.