The Trailer for Doctor Who Shows “The Star Beast”

As many of you are probably well aware, Doctor Who will make a comeback in November with a number of specials. These offer an opportunity to witness David Tennant reprise his role as The Doctor, or at the very least, a version of The Doctor, in addition to commemorating the 60th anniversary of the television series. (Things won’t be precisely the same as they were many years ago when he was the Tenth Doctor.)

The BBC One team has unveiled the three titles that should pique your interest leading up to this three-part event: The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder, and finally The Giggle. The latter is undoubtedly the strangest, and it has already started to make us think of Beebo’s entire plot from Legends of Tomorrow. In the narrative Wild Blue Yonder, Neil Patrick Harris will play a crucial antagonist to David Tennant’s character.

These episodes will eventually pave the way for Ncuti Gatwa, who will take over as the next Doctor and serve as season 14’s main protagonist. All indications are that these episodes will begin during the holiday season.

They will have an epic scope and be more expensive and ambitious than before. (A lot of this is made possible thanks to a new streaming agreement between Disney+ and Disney+ outside of the UK.)

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Will these specials serve as a fitting beginning or resumption of the legendary series? That seems to be the intention; Doctor Who could grow to be a more popular series than ever, and in some respects, it needs to if the concept is to maintain the goals it has set at this specific time.

The whole trailer with indications about the future is currently available at this link.

What Are You Most Excited to See Over These Three Upcoming Doctor Who Specials?

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