Friends or Foes? The Ups and Downs of Pink and Xtina’s Relationship Over the Years.

Allies or enemies? Two of the biggest pop music icons, Pink and Christina Aguilera, have experienced their fair share of controversy over the years.

The musicians first worked together in 2001 on a cover of Lady Marmalade for the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann‘s movie Moulin Rouge, along with Lil Kim and Mya. The song became popular, earning its creators a Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.

Eight years later, when the Get the Party Started singer talked about her rivalry with the Voice alum, an apparent conflict between Aguilera and Pink was revealed.

The Ups and Downs of Pink and Xtina's Relationship Over the Years.

Ron Fair entered. He said, “What’s the high part?” without saying hello to any of us. What has the loudest singing? In her 2009VH1 Behind the Music special, Pink allegedly stated that Christina will be taking that role. I then got to my feet and said hello. What’s up? What a sweet gesture to introduce yourself. Pink here. She won’t be participating in that part. I believe that is the purpose of the gathering.

When the twosome reunited on The Voice in May 2016, it appeared that the writer of “Raise Your Glass” and the New Yorker had put their differences behind them. During that time, Pink made an appearance as a guest mentor for the contestants, and Aguilera worked as a coach on the singing competition series.

Pink later assured Andy Coh during an interview on Watch What Happens Live in October 2017 that she and Aguilera had previously engaged in a physical confrontation and that they were good. She is quite gifted. Also, I’ve had my share of bad days; she’s a genuinely kind person.

On The Voice, we reconciled. It was amusing, I guess. I chuckled. It was merely amusing. I hadn’t seen her in a very long time. We matured, became mothers, and then hugged it out. Just that easy. I’m very happy about that.

Aguilera shared her viewpoint on the competition between the two with the Bravo presenter as well.

The Ups and Downs of Pink and Xtina's Relationship Over the Years.

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The Ain’t No Other Man composer admitted as much during her January 2019 appearance on WWHL. “I’ve seen her Behind the Music [special] and I know she had some concerns or anything about how the recording of Lady Marmalade went down and all that.

She was heckling me in the audience behind the director during the actual film, and I can honestly say that she terrified me a lot. Yet she did it at the time. She has changed since then.

After Pink appeared to disparage the Emoji Movie actress in February 2023 while discussing the Lady Marmalade song video with BuzzFeed UK, rumors began to circulate that the Grammy winners were feuding once more.

The Ups and Downs of Pink and Xtina's Relationship Over the Years.

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