The Whitakers Documentary Where to Watch? Netflix’s documentary About Whitaker!

Since every member of the Whitakers is connected to someone else, they are considered to be the most inbred family in the United States; however, recent documents have shown that their parents were actually cousins, not brothers and sisters as had previously been assumed. It has been impossible for anyone to piece together the Whitakers’ family history because of how genetically and biologically linked they are.

Furthermore, the Whitakers family has made it difficult for anyone to contact them since they are secretive about their family history and are protected by the neighborhood where they live.

But in 2020, a channel called Soft White Underbelly uploaded a horrifying film depicting the Whitakers’ lives, and the video quickly went viral.

Since then, the Whitakers have been under scrutiny, leading many people to speculate what might have happened to the family.

The Whitaker family’s inbreeding may have contributed to the Whitakers’ mental and physical deformities.

Because of their secrecy, it is almost hard to create a family tree for the Whitaker clan. In order to generate family trees, researchers must rely on self-reported inbreeding because ethical restrictions prevent them from acquiring family data without authorization.

the whitakers documentary where to watch

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Netflix’s documentary about Whitaker

Mark Whitaker‘s 2020 interview with the Whitaker family features footage of Lorraine, Ray, and Timmy. The three are unable to give thoughtful responses due to an unidentified mental ailment. The family is messy and lives in a dilapidated home, adding a somber tone to the footage. We think the family is having trouble getting by due to the low annual average income in southwest West Virginia. Mark Laita showed his kindness to the Whitaker family by giving them food and money. He has the following to say about it:

the whitakers documentary where to watch

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To be clear about my engagement with the family, I bought them pizza and soda and gave them a generous tip, which goes a long way in southwest West Virginia, where the average annual income in some counties is as low as $12,000. I visited the family for the fourth time, and each time, I gave them money.

Are the Whitaker Actually Inbred?

According to a report in Discover Magazine, inbred children have lower IQs, poorer lung capacity, and are more susceptible to diseases. It was discovered that inbred kids were “at a high risk of rare recessive genetic disorders.” Although the Whitakers have not yet undergone a medical examination, many believe that their health issues are the result of inbreeding.

the whitakers documentary where to watch

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Mark Laita‘s message Except for Timmy, who is a cousin, everyone in this video is a brother or sister. Although I have no way of knowing whether the Whitaker parents were related, given that they represent the most extreme example I have seen thus far and the fact that this does occur in this region of the country, I would wager that inbreeding was at least partially to blame for the physical and mental abnormalities seen in Lorraine, Freddie, Ray, and Timmy.