Time and A Sneak Peek at The K-Conclusion Drama’s for Little Women Episode 12

The season finale of Little Women will air on October 9. After episode 11’s most unexpected surprise, audiences can’t wait to see Hwayoung’s entire story in the last installment of the K-drama.

Little Women, a six-week-long thriller drama from TVN, quickly rose to the top of viewers’ lists of all-time favorite thriller Korean dramas. The drama, which was directed by Kim Hee Won and written by Jung Seo Kyung, had outstanding performances from the cast and breathtaking photography in addition to a fantastic narrative.

The drama is partially based on Louisa May Alcott’s coming-of-age novel Little Women, but it emphasizes dystopian contemporary reality and portrays a society where religion and devotion can triumph over critical thinking and logical reasoning. In order to silence any voice of reason, someone like Sang A or Park Jae-sang can ascend to power.

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Release time of Little Women on Netflix

The 12th episode of Little Women will air on TVN on October 9th at 8.30 am ET/9.10 pm KST. At 11 p.m. KST/10 a.m. ET later, the drama will be accessible on Netflix.

The global airtime is listed below:

  • Pacific Time: 7 am PT, October 9
  • Central Time: 9 am CT, October 9
  • Eastern Time: 10 am ET, October 9
  • British Time: 3 pm BST, October 9
  • European Time: 4 pm CEST, October 9
  • Indian Time: 7.30 pm IST, October 9
  • Philippine Time: 10 pm in the Philippines, October 9
  • Japan Time: 11 pm JST, October 9
  • Australian Time: 11.30 pm ACST, October 9
  • Singapore Time: 10 pm, October 9

Episode 12 preview

To maintain the suspense, TVN has not yet released a preview of Little Women episode 12, however, a Korean media source by Sports Chosun revealed still cuts of Ep 12 that provide a glimpse of the dramatic conclusion.

A picture of Sang A standing in the middle of her prized ghost orchid garden was revealed by the media article, and another image showed In Joo looking resolute.

Viewers speculate that now that Hwayoung is back, she will be able to solve the mystery of Jeongran Society, Sang A, and the ghost orchid.

The Little Women producers are enthused about the conclusion, The plot will develop in a flash up to the very end as all the mysteries [of our story] are revealed. Please pay attention to the expressions each character makes as they prepare for the inevitable conclusion.

Fans of Little Women want a ‘happy ending’

As the Little Women finale approaches, Choi Do Il and In Joo’s happy-ending prayers are trending on Twitter.

A fan said, “Nobody deserves a happy ending more than this couple right here.” Do Il had previously pledged In Joo that he would go to any length to protect her.

Fans of In Kyung and Jong Ho, another on-screen couple, also think that their lovely and unfinished love story should end happily.