Timing of Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham’s Relationship in 1000-Lb. Sisters.

She is the only one! 1000-Lb. Sisters star Caleb Willingham and Tammy Slaton fell in love after she met him at an Ohio recovery center.

In November 2022, one year after they first met, the couple got married at the same institution where they were both receiving treatment for obesity-related health problems. In the summer of 2022, Tammy underwent a successful gastric bypass procedure there.

The happiest day of our lives has passed, Slaton, 36, revealed the wedding to E! News in January 2023. There was a lot of affection present. I’m glad that our relatives from the rehab center and so many other family members could attend.

Tammy talked about how Caleb literally swept her off her feet in the early stages of their courtship.

She admitted that during our first kiss, he leaned forward, pressed the brake, and drove straight into me, throwing me back into my wheelchair.

The TLC personality continued by saying that as she adapted to her new job as a wife, she was in good physical and emotional health.

She remarked, “I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I am much more energetic. I’m making the most of my life.

Timing of Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham's Relationship in 1000-Lb. Sisters.

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In the midst of their own health difficulties, Tammy and her husband have been open about how much they rely on one another.

The Kentucky native told Us Weekly in February 2023 that she and her friend “support each other totally on our weight loss efforts” and that having gastric bypass surgery had not altered their friendship. He comes to me and we talk about the issue when he’s having trouble not wanting to eat because he’s bored or because he’s an emotional eater. I converse with him in the same way. We discuss our problems and the reasons behind our feelings. We truly work as partners.

Tammy said that Caleb is so nice and that she has fallen in love with literally everything about him. She claimed that He treats me very differently from everyone else I was with.

Tammy enjoys the support of her sister and co-star, Amy Slaton, in addition to her marriage. In an episode of 1000-Lb Sisters from February 2023, Amy responded to the news that her sibling had been given the go-ahead for weight loss surgery.

Timing of Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham's Relationship in 1000-Lb. Sisters.

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She added in a private conversation, “I’m so relieved. Since she had failed in the past, I truly didn’t think she could succeed this time. But she disproved my claims. Amy underwent gastric bypass surgery on her own in 2019 and has now shed over 100 pounds.