To Your Eternity Anime Where to Watch? Funimation Offers to Your Eternity!

The anime television series adaptation of the manga To Your Eternity was revealed by Kodansha on January 8, 2020, for NHK Educational TV. The continuing anime series is created by Brain’s Base and directed by Masahiko Murata. Shinzo Fujita is in charge of the series composition, Koji Yabuno is in charge of character design, and Ryo Kawasaki is in charge of the music.

The story centers on Fushi, an immortal being that interacts with humanity to form his own will and consciousness before wandering the Earth.

To Your Eternity’s plot

Piran’s death leaves Fushi alone on a desolate island. One day, Fushi is taken to a community that has been destroyed by the Nokkers by a girl named Hisame who is a direct descendant of a former foe. As Fushi makes his way back to the company, he learns that he has become the focus of the legendary narrative that some people love and others despise.

to your eternity anime where to watch

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Prince Bon, a man who has seen the dead, kidnaps Fushi along with the Guards. Watching what happens in the following season will be incredibly exciting.

Where to Watch To Your Eternity

Let’s look at the streaming services if you want to know where to watch To Your Eternity. You can stream the show using any of the available platforms thanks to this.

Funimation offers To Your Eternity.

The entertainment business Funimation is owned by Sony. There is a lot of anime series there. A dubbed version of Dragonball Z was broadcast on the cartoon network in the 1990s thanks to the business Funimation. It is hardly surprising that Funimation has finally transitioned to video streaming. Additionally, Funimation has To Your Eternity.


  • The monthly cost for Funimation’s premium subscription is $5.99.
    The annual cost of Funimation’s premium subscription is $59.99.
    Plus Premium
  • Funimation charges $7.99 per month for a Premium Plus subscription.
    Funimation charges $79.99 annually for a Premium Plus subscription.

Does Crunchyroll offer To Your Eternity?

To Your Eternity can best be seen on Crunchyroll. Although a dub will be available soon, you may currently view the program in Japanese with English subtitles. New episodes can be viewed immediately by premium Crunchyroll subscribers, but those who stream for free must wait, perhaps for a few weeks, and there will be advertising.

to your eternity anime where to watch

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Why not take full advantage of the free trial to see if a premium Crunchyroll subscription to watch your favorite anime whenever you want, ad-free, is right for you? After that, monthly payments for paid plans begin at $7.99.

Is Funimation airing To Your Eternity?

Currently, Funimation does not have To Your Eternity. This might alter in the future; if the program is dubbed, the English version might then be made available on Funimation while the Japanese version remains on Crunchyroll, as is the case with many other programs. Everything is still up in the air, of course, as the dubbed version might be available on Crunchyroll instead.

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As soon as we learn more about the show’s future, we’ll update this section. The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent and MARS RED are two currently airing series that you can watch on Funimation until then.