Tommy Dorfman Engaged: A Famous American Actor with Peter Zurkuhlen

American actor Tommy Dorfman became well-known for his portrayal of Ryan Shaver in the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. And like me, he hails from Georgia and was raised Jewish. Tommy graduated from Fordham University in 2015 with a degree in theatre arts.

Additionally, he is out as gay and is an activist fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ community. Tommy is related to Andi Dorfman, a star on “The Bachelorette.”

The Life of Tommy Dorfman


Mr. Dorfman grew up in the city of Atlanta. Andi Dorfman, of The Bachelorette fame, is her cousin. Dorfman graduated with a degree in theatre from Fordham University in 2015. Atlanta, Georgia native Tommy Dorfman also works as an actress, writer, photographer, and filmmaker. She completed her training at Fordham University’s acting program in 2015.

Tommy gained fame for her portrayal of Ryan Shaver on 13 Reasons Why, but she has since gone on to star in another film, TV, and stage productions. Recent credits include Daddy at The Signature by Jeremy O. Harris, in which she also appeared.

Additionally, she has appeared in Calvin Klein and Fendi advertisements. In addition to Paper, she has also photographed covers for Fucking Young! and American Studies. She travels between New York and California with her two dogs, Dabbs and Fiona. The net worth of Tommy Dorfman is $19 Million.

Dorfman identifies as a member of the gay community. In April of 2015, Dorfman proposed to Peter Zurkuhlen, and the two were married on November 12, 2016, in Portland, Maine. In July 2021, Dorfman stated that she and Zurkuhlen had divorced but remained friendly.

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Acting Work by Tommy Dorfman

Tommy’s acting career began strongly in 2009 with his role as a student in the short film “Foreign Exchange.” Later, in 2013, she was sighted in her role as Julian in the In My Skin short film.

Despite this, Tommy’s role as Ryan Shaver in the hit Netflix drama “13 Reasons Why” propelled him to prominence in 2017. She plays Ryan, a lesbian high school student in both seasons of 13 Reasons Why. At least 18 different drama programs featured Dorfman. With this portion, Tommy Dorfman’s net worth began to skyrocket, as she was rewarded handsomely for her participation in the show.

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Tommy Dorfman Took Part In


The happy couple: Tommy Dorfman and his future wife. The 13 Reasons Why starlet broke the news of her engagement to “the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with” on an episode of Rachel Bilson’s Broad Ideas podcast. Dorfman, who is 30 years old, said merely that she is “just a queer girl” throughout the talk, rather than revealing the identity of her boyfriend.

Before describing her best qualities, Dorfman revealed that her fiancee is an Aries. For all the challenges of dating as a trans woman, Dorfman says she has found someone who “doesn’t fetishize me” in her fiancée.

The actress added that her boyfriend helps her administer estrogen shots and occasionally checks in with Dorfman remotely to get her medicine just right. “She knew how, so she did it for me the first time,” Dorfman said of his fiancee. However, when she was away, we FaceTimed so that she could show me how to do it.

Dorfman told Bilson that her fiancée is the first woman she’s been within “a very long time.” Then, “It’s quite affirming,” she said. “It’s highly secure, but also not secure. It’s terrifying, awkward, and unpleasant to fall in love.”

In other words, Tommy Dorfman is getting married. Page Six reports that the 13 Reasons Why actress recently visited the “Broad Ideas” podcast to talk to host Rachel Bilson about a variety of topics, including how to talk to young people about gender identity, her experience transitioning during a global pandemic, and how her romantic life has changed since her divorce. However, it’s clear that Dorfman has found success in the latter department; she used our conversation to share the news of her recent engagement.

Tommy and his longtime companion Peter Zurkuhlen wed in a ceremony in Portland, Maine in 2016. Family and friends were all there for the ceremony. There was no luck in getting more information regarding the wedding’s dress code or major venue, despite our best attempts.