Top Ps5 Games: Top 6 Best Ps5 Games Play Right Now-Check Here Full List!

Since we’ve moved into the slow summer months for game releases, the top PS5 games list has remained largely unchanged. The fact that there are so many eagerly awaited PS5 games coming out in the next months, though, makes us think that this ranking might not remain the same for very long.

The quality of the PS5 launch titles that came with the console back in November 2020 undoubtedly contributed to the list’s strong start, which has been masterfully made possible by the caliber of the PS5 exclusives that have been made available so far.

Dark Souls

Never before had it looked so good to perish miserably at the hands of a heartless monster? Demon’s Souls, a 2009 cult favorite, has been totally updated for the 4K era and is one of the PS5’s best-looking titles. The tough action is entirely authentic to the original, delivering the same severe learning curve and sense of immeasurable success with every victory, even if the motion capture, texturing, and music are all brand-new.

top ps5 games

The original gameplay mechanics from FromSoftware have been preserved, but there have also been some changes, like new armor, weapons, and consumable grains that provide benefits as you explore.

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Bridge of Spirits, Kena

The magical little adventure Kena: Bridge of Spirits is sure to be a success with everyone who enjoys a solid platformer with complex combat features and has a soft spot for anything even somewhat cute. You take on the role of the spirit guide Kena, who has come to the village to assist people stuck there.

Some of the spirits themselves will help you along the way, but you’ll also get the help of the soot sprite-like Rot, who are not only some of the prettiest game companions ever but also very helpful for figuring out riddles and executing some lethal moves in combat.

top ps5 games

Playroom for Astro

It makes sense to explore this tiny toy box of technical magic because your PS5 already has it installed. Don’t disregard it just because it’s free, though; it’s a fun game in itself and a wonderful opportunity to learn about DualSense’s new adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Fly a glider, climb like a monkey, fire a ball gun in space, battle enemies, hunt for goodies, and take in some playful homages to PlayStation past while doing it.

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Demise’s Door

The Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and the entire Metroidvania genre are all represented in exquisite harmony in the video game Death’s Door. You take on the role of a soul-reaping crow entrusted with acquiring some of the most challenging souls to date. You must therefore make your way across an isometric universe that is home to stunning and peculiar scenery and creatures.

top ps5 games

This is not one to miss because it features boss encounters that will hex you and follow you forever. The graphics are also amazing, and the design and characters have a nice touch of Studio Ghibli.

Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel

We didn’t think Eidos Montreal would be able to create its own interpretation of the notorious Marvel space pirates, but Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy proves us wrong. Just a few years into the crew’s relationship, Star-Lord, who is commanding an early iteration of the Guardians, is your on-screen character.

In this version, they have all recently survived an interstellar conflict, and Groot, Rocket, Gamora, and Draxx each have their own tragic backstories that are essentially alternative histories. This single-player adventure is really about discovering the value of working together in both exploration and combat and realizing that friends can be just as close as family.

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3 Hitman

top ps5 games

Agent 47, the most imaginative installment in this arc of the Hitman plot, allows you to use anything and anything in an assassination job. It’s a hugely enjoyable game with fantastic level design and settings that transport you from Dubai to Dartmoor in the UK in one colossal deadly journey.