Trending Hashtags on Tik Tok: How To Use the Best Tik Tok Hashtags to Increase Views and Reach!

One thing is to create fantastic TikTok content; another is to get users to actually view it. But use TikTok hashtags to enhance your editing methods, and you’ll be ready to rule the TikTokosphere. TikTok is the social media app that has taken the world’s smartphone users by storm, as you are probably well aware if you’re reading this.

What do hashtags for TikTok mean?

Usually, words, acronyms, phrases, numbers, or even emojis are added after the # symbol to create a hashtag. (Consider the hashtags #halloween, #dancemom, or #y2kstyle.) Simply put, hashtags are a way to group together content so that it is simple for users to find and for social media algorithms to comprehend.

Why are hashtags on TikTok used?

Utilizing hashtags on TikTok is crucial because they allow you to reach audiences outside of your existing fan base.

trending hashtags on tiktok

With the aid of hashtags, the TikTok algorithm can determine which users would be most interested in viewing your content on their For You page.

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Additionally, they can help people who are looking for information on a particular subject, such as a particular phrase or tag, find your content. For example, if I want to watch some videos about dinosaurs (and who wouldn’t? ), all I have to do is search for videos with the hashtag #dinosaur, and then I can binge on triceratops videos for the rest of the evening.

Fifteen Popular Hashtags for Tik Tok

You can use this list as a starting point, but TikTok hashtag trends tend to rise quickly and change frequently, so keep an eye on the Discover page frequently to see what’s popular right now.

  • fyp
  • for you page
  • TikTok challenge
  • duet
  • trending
  • comedy
  • savage challenge
  • tiktoktrend
  • levelup
  • feature
  • tiktokfamous
  • repost
  • viral videos
  • viral post
  • video

What are the best hashtags to use with your TikTok videos?

Of course, you can just use your instinct and tag your TikTok masterpiece with whatever terms come to mind, such as #howtomakeapeanutbutterandbananasandwich. On the other hand, a sound hashtag strategy calls for a little more research and less guesswork.

trending hashtags on tiktok

Observe how the opposition behaves.

Although we don’t want to copy the competition, it’s still important to do so. Observing the hashtags they’re using can give you some idea of what others in your industry may be doing and encourage you to try reaching out to audiences or using search terms you may not have thought of before. For example, Cheerios might be interested to know that Magic Spoon is gaining popularity with the hashtags #cerealgourmet and #fallbaking.

Design a recognizable hashtag.

Utilizing existing hashtags is crucial, but TikTok also gives you the option to come up with your very own custom brand.

When discussing its top-selling skillet, the kitchenware company OurPlace uses the hashtag #alwayspan. The account’s TikTok videos related to pan are all collected in one place when you click through. In addition, there will be content from fans who want to, uh, start a conversation.

Four guidelines on how to use hashtags on TikTok

By learning these pro-level TikTok tagging techniques and insights, you can maximize your newfound hashtag knowledge.

on TikTok, how many hashtags should you use?

You can cram as many hashtags as you’d like into TikTok’s 100-character caption limit. Make as many hashtags as you can fit in there since there doesn’t seem to be any disadvantage to doing so.

trending hashtags on tiktok

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How to utilize hashtags on TikTok to reach the widest audience

Mixing trending hashtags with specialized ones is the key to extending the reach of your hashtags. As previously stated, you can appeal to both broad and specific audiences with the help of this hot beverage.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes, a Canadian sketch comedy show, is attempting to broaden the audience for its videos by using the hashtags #potatoes and the more specific #canada, which focuses on the subject of this sketch.

TikTok hashtag creation instructions

Interested in creating your own TikTok hashtag? Simply enter the ideal string of characters and digits in the caption of your video, publish it, and suddenly, as if by magic, the world is home to your hashtag.

Try to come up with something self-explanatory, easy to remember, and with simple spelling if you want as many people as possible to join in on your cool new tag. Generally speaking, using a hashtag like #liveinlevis or something that includes the name of your company or product is a good idea.

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The best way to make a TikTok hashtag challenge

Promoting your unique hashtag with a challenge will persuade users to use it. Alternatively, ask your followers to demonstrate a particular skill or give you a specific task to complete. That could be a dance move, a makeover routine, a dare (please bring back coming! ), a product demo, or anything else!

trending hashtags on tiktok

The next #twotowelchallenge could be in your hands if you use your imagination.