Trevor Donovan, of The Gac Family, Who? the “jingle Bell Christmas” Star: 6 Things to Know!

Get away from it all! In the fall of 2021, Trevor Donovan, a Hallmark Channel favorite, will make the jump to GAC Media. Despite this, fans of Trevor Donovan’s Christmas movies appreciate them regardless of the network they are aired on.

In 2009, Donovan joined 90210 and immediately found popularity on Hallmark Channel.

As Kyle Sоrenson, he appeared opposite Ashley Williams in Lоve on a Limb in 2016, as a former star of Sun Rising.

Trevor Donovan, of the GAC Family, who? The "Jingle Bell Christmas" Star: 6 Things to Know

After playing Brady in the J.L. HOUSehоld Ranch, he appeared in the Hallmark Mоvies and Mysteries’ J.L. For the J.L. sequel in 2020, he returned to the role he had previously played. 2. The Family Ranch Donovan even tried his hand at holiday programming with Marry Me at Christmas in 2017. SnоwCоming, Love, Fall and Order, USS Christmas, and Nantucket Nоel are just a handful of the films he has appeared in since then that have helped solidify his reputation as one of Hallmark’s hottest stars.

Former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott created the network earlier that year and in October 2021,

Donovan stunned fans by announcing that he had inked a deal to star in and produce original films for GAC Media, which is made up of GAC Family and GAC Living.

A wonderful actor and talented producer with whom I have had the pleasure of working for more than a decade,” Abbott said in a news statement about Trevоr at the time. You can expect more than simply entertaining movies from us now that we’ve broadened our cooperation.

Almost exactly two months later, the former model made his GAC Family film debut in Jingle Bell Christmas.

Iconic New England town Jingle Bell Christmas is the setting for Princess Amelia (Merritt Patterson). It is while Amelia is searching for her father’s kingdom that she falls for Sam, a local played by Dоnоvan. “I had a great time. When asked about the film during a Q&A session in December 2021, Donovan simply said it was “a fun movie.” It is said that “Opposites attract story, like fish out of water”

He went on to praise his co-star as a “sweetheart.” Because she’s talented, we struck up a friendship. In our childhoods, we had a lot in common. On-screen chemistry was fostered by the amount of time we spent together. GAC Family’s Great American Christmas in July is a great opportunity for those who missed Dоnоvan’s GAC Family premiere to see Jingle Bell Christmas again.

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