Twitch Prime Loot: How To Claim the Prime Gaming Loot?

Anyone with an Amazon Prime account (you can sign up for a free trial here if you don’t already have one) may enter this small loot cave, which offers goodies like in-game skins, loot boxes, packs, and full games. You’ll undoubtedly find it helpful because Prime Gaming has worked with organizations like Valorant, League of Legends, Apex Legends, and FIFA in the past.

But what Prime Gaming reward is currently available, and how can you collect Twitch Prime loot? Here is all the information you require for picking up your free gifts through this practical service.

How to Join an Account on Amazon and One on Twitch

Linking your Amazon and Twitch accounts is required before you can claim your Prime Gaming prize. Follow these easy steps to accomplish this:

Using the Prime Gaming Portal, access Amazon.

Manage Twitch accounts by clicking on your name in the top right corner.

Next, you need to choose a Twitch account. You must log in to Twitch now if you haven’t done so already.

You will have access to Prime Gaming’s treasure trove after your accounts are interconnected and communicating with one another.

Twitch Prime Loot

You can see all the offers that are available to you on the Prime Gaming homepage (these change on a monthly basis). Make sure to take time browsing each of the options, which range from in-game goods like skins and treasure boxes to complete games.

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How to Get Premium Gaming Loot on Twitch

Simply click the tiny crown next to the offer once you’ve made up your mind about what you want to claim, and you’ll be sent to a new screen. For example, if you want to pick up a Prime Gaming FIFA pack, you’ll need to link your EA account.

From here, it will ask you to link your applicable gaming accounts so that you may receive the item or game. Once joined, you ought to have your goods rather shortly. Games are either added to your library or provided to you through email, and in-game things are automatically deposited into your inventory.

You may log in and collect this month’s bonuses now that you are familiar with how to obtain Prime Gaming prizes.

Twitch Prime Loot

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Game Loot FAQ for Prime

Is It Allowable for Me to Link Different Prime Accounts to My Warframe Account and Claim Each Offer More than Once?

No, only one account may be applied for each offer. There is a limit of one offer per account.

My Amazon Account Was Accidentally Linked to The Wrong Warframe Account. how Do I Proceed?

If you accidentally linked the incorrect Warframe account to your Amazon account, you will first need to unlink the account here, log out, and then log back in using the proper account to finish the connection procedure. You should be aware that each content drop can only be used once per Prime and Warframe accounts.

What Happens to My Content if I Can’t Afford a Prime Membership Anymore or If My Free Trial Expires?

You can keep any material that is provided to your game after you’ve claimed it. Log into Warframe after claiming your reward on the Prime Gaming website to complete the redemption process. No later than 30 days following the conclusion of the program, items will be accessible for redemption.

What Warframe Account Does My Content Go To? Can I Change It?

No. As soon as you allow content on your Warframe account, that account will always receive the content. It can’t be altered.

If I sign up for Prime and claim the Warframe Content after launch, would I also receive previous content?

Only content that is currently accessible can be claimed.

Do I Have Access to My Content in All Game Regions that I Play In?

When your stuff is claimed and uploaded to your account, you can access it anywhere you play! Only certain nations can access Prime Gaming Rewards.

What Should I Do if My Question Was Not Mentioned Above?

Refer to the Prime Gaming Guide for more information if you need assistance with your Prime Gaming account. Please refer to this page if you are having problems with your Warframe account.

Always start by disconnecting and reconnecting your account if you are experiencing ANY problems getting your reward. Most problems with people not receiving their Prime Gaming Loot are often fixed by doing this.

Twitch Prime Loot

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The troubleshooting steps should be followed in order:

Utilize action to delink your Prime Gaming and Warframe accounts.

The instructions are located at Reconnect your Prime Gaming account and Warframe account after doing so.

Using, confirm that your account has been connected successfully.

The Prime Gaming Loot will only be given to the first Warframe account that is linked to a Prime Gaming account, so take notice of that. We are unable to move or transfer the things if you have linked and claimed them on the incorrect Warframe account.