Tyler James Williams Recalls How His Untreated Crohn’s Disease Almost Killed Him.

Tyler James Williams has opened up about the health issues he faced prior to receiving a Crohn’s disease diagnosis in his early 20s.

Celebrity Health Scares Through the Years

The 30-year-old Abbott Elementary star recalled his attempts to bulk up in the gym in an interview with Men’s Health that was released earlier this month. Williams stated that by working with trainers, exercising with weights, and starving himself, he went overboard.

The actor was unable to retain any food in his system after developing excruciating stomach pain. He said that he weighed 130 pounds at the time and said, “I was really pushing my body to the maximum.” When December arrived, it had already crashed. All systems went dark.

Tyler James Williams Recalls How His Untreated Crohn's Disease Almost Killed Him

Williams visited a gastroenterologist in New York City, where he was given the diagnosis with Crohn’s disease. Medical personnel discovered from his X-rays that he had inflammatory bowels that were scar tissue-clogged.

The tissues in your digestive tract enlarge as a result of Crohn’s disease, a form of inflammatory bowel illness, according to the Mayo Clinic. Abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, exhaustion, weight loss, and starvation may result from this.

The condition, for which there is no known treatment, can be excruciatingly painful, incapacitating, and occasionally even fatal complications. Numerous medicines can be used to treat Crohn’s disease and lessen its indications and symptoms. Patients may benefit from long-term remission and inflammatory healing thanks to treatment.

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Celebrity Injuries Through the Years

Williams underwent emergency surgery to remove six inches of his lower intestine after visiting the doctor. The New Yorker revealed he slipped into septic shock after the flare-up because his intestines couldn’t mend themselves.

This might be it was my last thought. I’m not happy if this is the end. I was very busy. I was quite active. None of this was enjoyable to me. He recalls telling the outlet, “This can’t be it. I have to get further surgery.”

Tyler James Williams Recalls How His Untreated Crohn's Disease Almost Killed Him

The former child star spent several months on an IV feeding system after the health scare. Williams eventually gained 105 pounds and was unable to walk or stand up.

He explained, “I had to learn how to quit expecting big change to happen very quickly and how to have a healthier relationship with my body.” The most crucial thing for me and people like me to keep in mind is that the game heavily depends on longevity. There isn’t much point if you can’t keep healthy and powerful.

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Stars Who’ve Hit Back Against Body-Shamers

The Everyone Despises Chrisalum talked about how his brother Tyrel Williams also received a Crohn’s disease diagnosis. Since then, the siblings have moved their attention to living a healthier diet that excludes alcohol, coffee, and red meat.

Tyler added that the health scare led him to search for more meaningful job opportunities, like Gregory Eddie at Abbott Elementary. He said that after learning that it’s not his life, [he] realized that he doesn’t need to be in this position of authority to succeed. That sounds just like the path I had to take, I thought.

Tyler James Williams Recalls How His Untreated Crohn's Disease Almost Killed Him

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The former Saturday Night Live cast member wrote on Instagram earlier this month to reflect on his own experience. This one is for those with Crohn’s disease, people who struggle to gain weight, tiny youngsters, and people who are thriving while having invisible illnesses. May we all continue to improve our ability to listen to and respect our bodies? I appreciate @menshealthmag including me and documenting my experience so far.