How to Unlock Every Camo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.!

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Finally available comes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and the small army of enthusiastic fans of the series has already started playing it. Both players and critics have completed the multiplayer mode’s campaign and are currently experimenting with all of the available loadouts and firearms. Early adopters have also revealed Modern Warfare 2’s cosmetic system, which means that grinding to unlock all of the game’s camos is now necessary.

Unlock Every Camo in Call of Duty:

If you need a reminder, weapon camos are optional customization options that allow players to give their weaponry a little glitz. In essence, you’ve seen weapon camo if you’ve ever seen an assault rifle painted in various colors of green to match a ghillie outfit.

Nearly 200 distinct firearm paint options are available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and they are all more flashy than anything you will ever see on a real-life soldier. The best part is that you can earn every camo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, just like you can for weapon camo. The question of whether you want to earn all the camos is altogether different.

To begin with, you must go to the Multiplayer Loadout page, choose the weapon you wish to paint using Custom Loadout, select the Gunsmith option, and then choose the Camo tab.

By doing so, a page listing all the camos you own and can unlock will load. The process of obtaining every single capo is a major factor in why so many players grind through the game’s multiplayer. The sheer amount of capo options is overwhelming and will likely increase over time.

There are two types of camos: universal and completionist. The camouflage pattern known as Snow Grass, which is largely an off-white colour with green streaks to mimic a grassy field covered in snow, is an example of a universal camouflage pattern that may be used on any type of weapon.

The issue is that you need to use the MCPR-300 sniper rifle to unlock it; you can’t do it with any other weapon. You must use the MCPR-300 to kill two enemies within 10 seconds of one another, then you must repeat the process nine more times in order to obtain Snow Grass. Oh, and before the game actually begins recording the necessary killstreaks, you must level up the MCPR-300.

The camouflage system in Modern Warfare 2 has this weakness. You must grind a weapon till it reaches a particular level and then grind extremely specific kills with it in order to obtain any camouflage.

Before you actually complete the required level and view the proper camo in the Gunsmith menu, you can never be sure what difficulties the game will provide you with. For instance, the Bloodied MCPR-300 camo demands 10 hip fire kills (i.e., kills without aiming down the scope). Describe a challenge.

Unlock Every Camo in Call of Duty:

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The process is thankfully somewhat simplified in Modern Warfare 2 by grouping all the camo unlockable with a weapon into a grey box at the bottom-left of the screen.

Once a universal skin is unlocked for one weapon, it becomes accessible for all of your other weapons. If you want to dunk an M4 in snow grass, you’ll need to navigate through the list of camos, but at least you won’t have to repeat killing two enemies within ten seconds of one another ten times.

If earning universal weapon camos seems like a chore to you, you might want to stop reading now because earning completionist camos takes even longer. The four completionist skins for each weapon are Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion. And sure, you must first unlock the necessary difficulties for each of them.

To obtain a weapon’s Gold camo mission, you simply need to accomplish all of the weapon’s camouflage tasks. The catch is that you can only use a Gold skin for the weapon you unlocked it for when you do so.

Therefore, you must accomplish all of their camouflage challenges before completing their unique Gold camouflage objectives if you want all of your assault guns and sniper rifles to rock the Midas touch. But there is still three more completionist camouflages to go.

You must obtain the Gold camos for every weapon of a particular category in order to unlock the Platinum camo challenge for that weapon. You are aware of your desire to make your sniper and assault weapons gleam like gold, right?

If you want to access their gleaming Platinum finishes, you must do just that. Again, in order to really unlock the skins, you must first complete the unique Platinum challenge for each of the available weapons.

Unlock Every Camo in Call of Duty:

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The challenges with the Polyatomic and Orion skins are the worst. You can only unlock the Polyatomic camo for one weapon once you’ve finished the challenge that requires the Platinum camo for all 51 weapons.

Until more, a challenge that locks the Orion camo is only unlocked once you have collected all 51 Polyatomic skins. When the developers referred to these as the completionist skins, they weren’t kidding.

While this article provided a reasonably thorough overview of the camouflage requirements for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it only relates to the game at the time of writing.

The game’s designers may easily change the experience to speed up users’ skin-earning (or slower). The path to completionist camos might potentially extend beyond the horizon if the next upgrades introduce more weaponry.