How to Unlock Every Gun in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.!

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There are 51 weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and more will probably be introduced in upcoming patches. However, just because there are more than 50 ways to kill enemies in the game doesn’t mean that players can start out by using every weapon available.

As soon as you enter Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mode, you’ll see that there are only a few weapons available if you visit the Gunsmith page in the Multiplayer Loadout menu.

These include the VEL 46 SMG, the MCPR-300 sniper rifle, and the M4 assault weapon. Players will first need to bear that limited selection until they play the game for a while and finally reach the nice stuff because it pales in comparison to the game’s entire arsenal.

Unlock Every Gun in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

In Modern Warfare 2, players must initially level up in order to access every rifle (as well as the majority of other things). The process of leveling up certain weapons, such as the TAQ-56 assault rifle and the Lockwood 300 shotgun, is dependent on the player’s account rank (Ranks 19 and 36 for these weapons, respectively).

You will accomplish those milestones if you simply keep playing matches as usual. You must scroll over your preferred firearm in the Gunsmith menu, though, to see which ranks truly unlock which weapons.

There, behind the name and description of the weapon, the game will provide the solution to the majority of your “how to unlock” queries. By achieving the requirements specified in that area, you can unlock many of the game’s weapons.

However, not all gun unlocks are so simple. Modern Warfare 2 refers to certain weapons as Platforms. Gamers that have been around the block a few times, though, may better refer to them as tech trees (or, in this case, weapon trees). You need to level up one Platform and demonstrate your skill with it in order to acquire some of those weapons.

Just scroll over to any item and choose Weapon Progression to see which weapon platforms are connected to which prohibited items (which is found right above a gun s stats). This option opens a tab that displays the connections between each weapon.

Unlock Every Gun in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

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For instance, the Tactique Verte Platform, which also comprises the TAQ-V battle rifle and the TAQ-M marksman rifle, is built around the TAQ-56 assault rifle. You must brandish the TAQ-56 until it reaches Levels 11 and 20, respectively, in order to use these weapons. However, not all weapon trees are as straightforward as the Tactique Verte Platform.

For instance, the M4 tree has five weapons: the M4 assault rifle, the FTAC Recon battle rifle, the 556 Icarus LMG, the FSS Hurricane SMG, and the M16 assault rifle. Since you only need to level up the M4 to rank 13 or 18, the FTAC Recon and 556 Icarus are simple to complete, while the FSS Hurricane and M16 take more time.

You must also level up the FTAC Recon and 556 Icarus to Levels 16 and 13, respectively, in order to unlock those weapons. And before you ask, yes, there are several weapons in Modern Warfare 2 that can only be unlocked by leveling up things that are concealed behind separate rank grind walls. Such weapons include the X12 pistol and the assault rifle STB 556.

Unlock Every Gun in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

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In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, unlocking weapons takes time rather than money, and not all of them can be obtained by merely playing multiplayer games. Although almost all of the weapons in the game are effective in combat, you might have to suffer through a few weapons that you may or may not like in order to get your favorite weapons from prior games.