‘Happiness’! Vannessa Cross, Who Was 1000 Pounds, Discusses Her Weight-Loss Journey.

I’m enjoying the trip! a ten-hundred-pound best friend After a family tragedy and a health scare, Vannessa Cross decided against having bariatric surgery.

I’ve never had a strong desire to [reduce weight]. I was somewhat opposed to it. Due to my medical problems throughout my life, I have undergone a number of surgeries.

I don’t want to get surgery since I’m happy with my weight. While promoting season 2 of her TLC series, Cross, 44, exclusively revealed to Us Weekly. But the passing of my father and the subsequent cancer diagnosis—I am now cancer-free, thank God—made me realize how fleeting life is. In a split second, life can be gone from you. Therefore, it’s either time to start acting or time to give up on life completely.

Vannessa Cross, Who Was 1000 Pounds, Discusses Her Weight-Loss Journey.

The Georgia native, who has been a cast member of 1000-Lb Best Friends since its February 2022 premiere, initially struggled to shed the weight required to be eligible for the treatment. She did, however, eventually make little adjustments to her way of life that enabled her to achieve her objectives, but that doesn’t imply it was simple.

I started organizing my life. She said to us, “I cut out soda, sugar, and bread as the first, and very first, the thing I did to start losing weight.” The hardest ones were those.

The most traumatizing thing you will ever do is this. I was angry and depressed. When you’re unable to eat when food has been your addiction, your source of joy for so long. And I’m talking about 20 to 40 years of my life, am I right? My delight, happiness, and joy have all come from it.

Cross admitted that she was miserable while trying to lose weight, but she later understood that through being miserable, I was becoming happier. She now wants other people to realize that beginning a weight-loss journey should not be painful.

Vannessa Cross, Who Was 1000 Pounds, Discusses Her Weight-Loss Journey.

She said, “I don’t want anyone to think that you have to be unhappy and miserable. No, it’s possible to be content and slim down. You need to put yourself first. Instead of eating, I found solace and joy in activities such as coloring, crafting, being outside, visiting thrift stores, and looking around for things.

Before receiving approval for bariatric surgery, the TV personality claimed to have lost a total of 50 pounds. However, after the procedure, she lost weight quickly, losing almost 70 pounds in the first six months thanks to being put on a liquid diet, which Cross described as no easy feat.

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The reality actress, who recently underwent surgery, is focusing on maintaining her good outlook, spending time with her 1000-pound Best Friends co-stars Meghan Crumpler, Ashley Sutton, and Tina Arnold, and even going on a few dates.

My issue is that date would have consisted of me going to his place, doing the darn thing, and then returning home when I was the big giant Vannessa. She said that she had met two excellent men, a surgical technician, and a police officer, and said, “When I say dating now, it’s so different.

Cross claims that she does want to remarry, but she is leaving her options open as she waits for “The One.” As my requirements evolve, so do my expectations of a lover who would eventually become a husband.

My desires are evolving. So that I won’t have to fight or argue over food or anything similar, I need someone who is somewhat on a healthy level. So, choices are available. With it, I’m doing pretty well.

Vannessa Cross, Who Was 1000 Pounds, Discusses Her Weight-Loss Journey.

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Fans will have to wait and see if Cross’ romantic life is ever included on the show, but the mother of two gave the impression that she isn’t ruling it out. She joked that there might be anything.

TLC airs 1000-Lb BestFriends every Wednesday at 10:00 PM ET.

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