VPNBook review – A good, free VPN?

A free VPN with plenty of nice extras is called VPNBook. Although the service lacks its own app and a sizable number of server locations, it excels at gaining access to video streaming services. Therefore, this might be the one for you if all you want is a VPN to access Netflix USA.

The corporation is based in Switzerland, and Zurich serves as the location of its customer service division. Switzerland is a suitable place for a VPN because it is acceptable to download copyrighted content for free as long as it is just intended for personal use there. However, the service does impose limitations on P2P downloads.

Does Vpn Book Truly Offer a Free Service?


Yes, VPNBook is a free VPN that offers a tonne of great features and exceptional performance. It is recognised to offer respectable speeds and the ability to unblock geo-restricted video streaming sites despite its limited server selection and lack of device-specific applications.

Free VPN service from Switzerland is offered by this VPN. In the US, Germany, France, Canada, and Poland, there are eight VPN servers for it. It also has two proxy servers in the US and the UK, as well as a server for their “Outline VPN” (essentially Shadowsocks) in Canada.

I examined the performance of this service overall as well as its speed and security in this VPNBook review. Netflix unblocking is not supported by VPNBook. However, some servers allow for p2p activity.

All devices that can run OpenVPN are supported by VPNBook, which does not have specific apps for any particular platform. In order to protect you from unintentional data leaks, you receive a service without frills and without additional functions like Kill Switch.

The service has a less-than-ideal logging policy because it records connection timestamps and user IP addresses, despite using AES-256 encryption for security. The service also does poorly in the area of speed.

Because the quality of free VPNs is so low, it is still rather decent for a service that is offered for free. As a result, I gave this VPNBook 2022 review a 2.0/5.0 rating.

ExpressVPN and Surfshark are two fantastic alternatives to VPNBook that address all of the VPNBook’s shortcomings, including its numerous server limits and lack of unblocking capabilities.

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My Evaluation Criteria

  • The following criteria were considered when conducting this review:
  • Location of VPNBook’s jurisdiction
  • Are VPNBook services secure?
  • Tests for IP, DNS, and WebRTC Leaks
  • Is VPNBook Compatible with P2P Servers?
  • Speed: Not very high
  • Netflix compatibility with VPNBook for streaming
  • Different Platforms & Devices are Supported for Compatibility
  • Price – What does VPNBook cost?
  • Reputation for reliability – Trustpilot Ratings, Reddit Reviews, & Support

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Location of Vpn Book’s Jurisdiction


Switzerland, where VPNBook is based, is a safe country. The nation does not adhere to mandated user data retention rules and is not a member of the 14 Eyes alliance. Since VPNBook is located in a nation with a safe jurisdiction, you don’t need to be concerned about government surveillance.

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Are Vpn Book Services Secure?

Because it employs sound encryption practices, VPNBook is secure. The company supports PPTP and OpenVPN, both of which come standard with 256-bit military-grade encryption. The service provider says they employ AES-256 encryption.