Vtuber Maker: V Tuber’s Best Character-Playing Software!

The word “Virtual YouTuber” is abbreviated as “Vtuber.” These are the YouTubers who typically use 2D images or portraits with minimal facial motion as their digital avatars rather than their actual faces. People who employ 3D models with full-body motion capture capabilities are occasionally also encountered. Vtubers are nearly identical to other YouTubers in terms of the stuff they produce.

They engage in activities common to all individuals, such as playing games, interacting with other users or subscribers, sharing personal narratives, reacting to other videos, and even singing and cooking. On the screen, however, you don’t see a real person; instead, you see, for instance, a Kawaii girl with cat ears.

How to become a vtuber?

Hardware requirements

Make sure you have a robust desktop or laptop! It will be fantastic if one of them has at least 8 GB of RAM, a dedicated graphics card with at least 2 GB of RAM, a hard drive (SSD is best, but HDD is also OK), and a fairly new processor, too.

Therefore, in general, you don’t need a gaming beast machine to become a vtuber, but if yours is a little dated and doesn’t meet the aforementioned requirements, think about upgrading the hardware. Most gadgets allow you to increase the parameters by adding new or additional elements.

Vtuber Maker

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Suggestions for webcams

Something that can discern your expressions and facial features and then mirror them on your avatar. To discover a good one, search Amazon for the greatest offers. It doesn’t even need to be pricey. up to $100 or somewhat more. Relies on you.

What Vtuber Maker shoud I use?

Would you be willing to give it a shot? Or simply abandon the concept of looking through pages and pages of websites in quest of the ideal one? For you, we’ve already chosen the most popular (and user-friendly) software. Download VRoid Studio from this page. The official webpage is located here. accessible on both Windows and macOS. Install it and then open it.

Let’s select “For beginners” because the article is intended for novices. As soon as you select the “For beginners” button, VRoid Studio will launch the Getting Started webpage. where you can read a concise description of the app. There, a female character is used as an illustration. To help you through this, we’re going to make a male character!

One is Animaze by Facerig.

Animaze is arguably the Vtubing program that is easiest to learn how to use. Facerig’s excellent tool focuses only on the face rather than going through the hassle of motion tracking and animating the entire body. The technology needed for full-body motion capture, such as a costly VR (Virtual Reality) headset, is thus not necessary.

Vtuber Maker

The iPhone app for Animaze, which is also available for the PC, has a limited feature set but nevertheless performs admirably. Unfortunately, an Android version is not yet available.

Vroid Studio

Simple 3D character creation software is what Vroid Studio is. It contains all the tools you need to make a Vtuber avatar in the anime style, and it is simple and simple to use. You have two options for creating your Vtuber model: from scratch or using a preset.

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Vtube Studio

With a unique strategy, Vtube Studio is a fantastic Vtuber creator for aspiring broadcasters. Similar to Animaze, it substitutes straightforward facial capture technology with full-body motion capture and hand tracking. It creates smooth animations by using a smartphone (Android and iOS supported) to lip-sync a Live 2D Cubism avatar with your own facial expressions. Your animated avatar can be further customized using PC-based software, which is once again compatible with both Windows and Mac.


Many users appreciate Animaze’s simplicity but find it lacking in hand tracking. Serious Vtubers are in a pickle since alternative methods are frequently less reliable or adaptable.

Luppet excels in this situation. Luppet, a high-end YouTube creator, uses Leap Motion and camera tracking to produce animated avatars of exceptional quality. It features every feature you would anticipate from a Vtuber program, including several character customization choices and expression shortcuts.


VSeeFace, a more recent player in this market, is a fantastic Vtubing program for individuals who desire quality without getting too sophisticated. It is essentially a hand-tracking Leap Motion VRM, similar to Luppet. Automatic expression identification is a distinguishing feature.

VSeeFace, in contrast to other similar apps, uses potent algorithms to recognize facial expressions directly from webcam footage. High accuracy can be achieved in tracking even the smallest characteristics, like blinking, brow, and mouth movements. This produces avatars that fully represent your actual activities and are vivid and lifelike.

Vtuber Maker

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What is the Best Vtuber Software?

It’s crucial to take your wants and objectives into account when deciding whether Vtuber software is appropriate for you. Wakaru is a wonderful place to start if your only goal is to Vtube as an anime character without giving animation quality or accuracy much thought.

Apps like Animaze or Vtube Studio will be your best bet if you’re looking for more expressive faces without having to spend money on VR equipment. In this manner, all you need is a webcam to operate a 2D avatar that you can customize.