Vybz Kartel Engaged: A Songwriter Engaged with Sidem Ozturk

Dubbed “The King of the Streets” Vybz Kartel is a successful businessman and successful songwriter who has gained fame for his dancehall and reggae music. Vybz Kartel is the stage name of Adidja Azim Palmer. This Jamaican music icon is also a successful businessman and record producer. There are rumors that he is the “World Boss.” He is primarily recognized for his lyrical abilities. He is well-known in the dancehall music scene.

Kartel’s 2003 run of hits in Jamaica ended in an on-stage battle with Ninjaman at the annual ‘Sting’ dancehall event in Portmore, Jamaica; both Kartel and Ninjaman afterward issued public apologies to the festival’s organizers. Let’s examine Vybz Kartel’s biography, including his height, wife, marital status, nationality, birthplace, profession, accolades, and controversies.


vybz kartel engaged

As early as 1993, with the release of “Love Fat Women,” Kartel made his mark in the music world. Following this, he became a part of the trio “Vybez Kartel,” for whom he produced 30 songs, one of which being “Gal Clown.” In 2003, Kartel became famous after releasing many top-charting singles in his native Jamaica. Two new albums for the illustrious UK label Greensleeves, as well as the smash hits “Poor People Land,” “Summertime,” “Clarks,” “Like Christmas,” “Ramping Shop,” “Pon De Floor,” and “Dancehall Hero,” all came out in 2003.

Vybz Kartel and Mavado had a very public feud near the end of 2006. Even though they had reunited and apologized to their fans in 2007, their feuds continued until at least 2010. In 2008, when tensions between these factions in Jamaica erupted again, street violence erupted in the country’s major cities.

The fans of the two performers got into a violent brawl. The Jamaican government mediated a meeting between Kartel and Movado in 2009. When both sides decided to refrain from penning anthems of hostility, the “range war” came to an end.

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Jamaican deejay, songwriter, record producer, and businessman Vybz Kartel. The dancehall/reggae style is his forte. Popular tracks by him include “Ramping Shop,” “Dancehall Hero,” and “Clarks,” which also feature Popcaan and Vanessa Bling. Albums like “Up 2 Di Time” (2003), “The Teacher’s Back” (2008), “Pon Di Gaza 2.0” (2010), and “King of the Dancehall” (2013) have helped establish his reputation as a popular artist in the dancehall scene (2016).

Kartel’s birthdate is January 7th, 1976, and he was born as Adidja Azim Palmer in Kingston, Jamaica. Teresa Palmer is the name of his mom. He is one of several siblings, and his sister’s name is Maureen. Kartel grew up in Portmore, St. Catherine’s Waterford neighborhood. For high school, he went to Kingston’s Calabar.

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Vybz Kartel Engaged

vybz kartel engaged

Vybz Kartel, a convicted Dancehall musician, recently announced his engagement to his longtime lover Sidem Ozturk. Vybz Kartel, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams, proposed to his girlfriend during a legal prison visit in the summer of 2022.

In an exclusive interview with Fox 5 New York, Ozturk fondly recalled the time she proposed. “We were just calling each other hubby and wifey, and he was just like, we’re headed towards marriage, so calling you wifey or you calling me hubby is not serious enough; He was just like, you’re my finance we’re going to get married.”

Sidem Ozturk, a student of psychology and former social worker in London, England. However, she has abandoned that endeavor and relocated to Kingston, Jamaica to be with the Jamaican performer she adores.
Ozturk gushes about her fiance, Adidja Palmer, claiming that she has always been drawn to him because of his good heart. Despite the difficulties presented by Kartel’s incarceration, Ozturk is determined to keep the relationship going.

I can’t see him when I want to or talk to him when I want to, but it’s not that hard when you know what you want and where your heart is. Therefore I am prepared to wait.” The upcoming EP “True Religion,” which was inspired by her, is set for a September 30, 2022 release.

JUST IN: NEW YORK – As far as anyone can tell, this is a brand-new turn in the story of the legendary musician Vybz Kartel. Even though he is still imprisoned in Jamaica, he has discovered love and is looking forward to a new beginning with his new partner. But will he get the opportunity to do so? Millions of Vybz Kartel’s admirers all over the world, from Jamaica to the United Kingdom, Africa to the United States, and everywhere in between, are keeping a close eye on his situation behind bars.

The decision on whether he will live out the rest of his life free or behind bars is expected to be made by the end of 2022. In a 2021 jailhouse interview, I had the chance to speak with Vybez Kartel.