Warzone 2 of Call of Duty: Where to Find the Tactical Nuke

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The power of tactical nukes is all too familiar to Call of Duty players. That equipment, as its name suggests, enables users to literally “bomb up” the map and eliminate any foes caught in its wide explosion radius.

Before, the weapon could only be used in Call of Duty’s classic multiplayer modes, when players could resurrect after being nuked. It turns out, though, that Warzone 2 offers its own variation of that lethal gadget.

Yes, according to Warzone sources, the new battle royale mode appears to have a nuclear weapon. It appears that certain Warzone 2 team members have privately told early-access players that Warzone 2 does actually contain a tactical nuclear weapon, which goes beyond a simple leak.

Most people were shocked to learn the knowledge. After all, how could a nuclear bomb be supported in a battle royale mode without immediate respawns?

However, it turns out that your chances of dying from your opponent’s superior loadout are far higher than from their nuclear weapon. The Warzone 2 team hasn’t given any details on how the Warzone 2nuke will function, but we do know that it won’t be present in every Warzone 2 game.

The bomb may only be accessible in a statistically tiny number of Warzone 2 matches, according to sources and leaks. It sounds more like a complex Easter egg than anything else.

Warzone 2 of Call of Duty

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Regrettably, Warzone 2’s nuke location and use are not yet officially documented. However, most sources concur that unlike the multiplayer version of that weapon, the Warzone 2 nuke is not dependent on a kill streak. That actually makes a lot of sense. The battle royale game would be ruined if you could only acquire nuclear weapons after completing a predetermined number of kills.

However, several insiders claim that the Warzone 2 nuke is connected to the game’s contract system. That implies all you have to do to get access to the nuclear weapon is finish a specific contract and get your payment. Simple, right?

Well, not quite yet. Once more, we are now unaware of which contract activates the nuclear bomb or how to finish it. In fact, we’re not even sure how to begin the nuclear weapon contract assignment.

The one thing we do know is that the contract in question is both highly rare and incredibly challenging (based on reports). This implies that it won’t necessarily be finished in every match that it’s accessible in and that it will probably only be offered in a few matchups across the entire game.

But it appears that individuals who wish to find the nuke in Warzone 2 will first want to accept and finish as many contracts as they can. The widespread theory that the nuke contract is somehow connected to the game’s contract system should be sufficient for nuke seekers to start with, even though it’s possible that we will eventually learn that it is locked behind a number of secret steps.

For what it’s worth, the current most widely accepted fan theory holds that in order to unlock the unique contract objectively, you actually need to win a certain number of Warzone matches consecutively (the current suggested win streak number is “five”). If so, it might be a while before someone accesses the nuke and starts to use it.

Warzone 2 of Call of Duty

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Of course, as further details concerning the Warzone 2 bomb become available, we’ll update this post. In order to begin making progress on the ostensibly difficult process of eventually transforming the Warzone 2 map into the setting of Fallout 5, it is important to begin exploring the map, completing contracts, and overall doing as well as you can.