What Did Stabler’s Compass Mean on Law & Order: Organized Crime?

We’ll admit that when we got ready for the Law & Order: SVU and Organized Crimefinale, there was one question that truly stood out above the rest. Which one was the largest? Well, it was connected to the notion of a kiss from Benson Stabler. Would we really receive it? Or, did the two of them admit to having feelings for one another?

Let’s just start off by saying that Benson is fine following what transpired in the field because Stabler picked her up and carried her to safety. In a very unusual way, they were able to obtain justice and answers, but the most significant developments occurred in the final moments.

First and foremost, Stabler made it clear that he would be gone for a while—at least this time, he told her. She then took out the gift he had bought for her—a little box containing a compass. or a necklace with something on it, to be more precise. What did that mean, exactly? Well, at least it can point her in the direction of what she seeks. At the very least, he claimed that it might bring her happiness.

We do believe that this may have a deeper meaning, or at least that is what we hope. At this time, we believe our expectations for Bensler are well-established, but even if everyone on these shows is aware of this, we’re stuck waiting to see if the shows ever make it to Bensler.

Law & Order: Organized Crime

No kiss was exchanged. The frustrating truth that Stabler will be gone for a considerable amount of time must now be faced by us as these two continue to be evasive and skirt every issue. Given that Organized Crime won’t return until the middle of the season, this makes sense.

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