What Happens to The Three March Sisters in The Final Chapter of “Little Women”?

TVN’sK-drama After Little Women’s final episode aired, the drama’s conclusion was disclosed.

The most recent Little Women adaptation by TVN and Studio Dragon was loosely based on the American book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. It told the tale of three sisters who become involved in a case of 70 billion Korean won missing and how they deal with the richest Korean family in an unfair power struggle.

The three sisters In Joo, In Kyung, and In Hye never gave up their fights, no matter how strong or scary the evil in the story appeared to be, and as a result, viewers got to experience a happy ending for all three them.

Little Women’s Conclusion Is Explained

The final episode of Little Women had a lot of knots to unravel. After Oh In Joo and Choi Do Il were both detained on suspicion of embezzlement, viewers had to know what would happen to the 70 billion Korean won or whether they would both have a happy ending.

However, Choi Do Il and In Joo are both released from prison in Little Women episode 12 since there is no proof against Do Il other than his own confession, and In Joo’s charges are reduced once Hwayoung appears in court to give the whole tale.

In Joo is told by Hwayoung to stop interfering in her affairs and is attempted to be sent abroad with Do Il, but in time, In Joo receives a message from Sang A and makes it to the orchid home to save Hwayoung.

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Prior to the major confrontation between In Joo and Sang A, In Kyung is kidnapped (again) while visiting Wonryong School principal Jang Sa-young.

One of the last remaining members of the Jeongran society, Jang Sa-young, is murdered by Sang A, and In Kyung finds his body in the school just before being abducted by Sang A’s men.

At the orchid home, where Sang A has set up an acid shower to kill both In Joo and Hwayoung, a major confrontation takes place.

But In Joo succeeds in rescuing Hwayoung. In a struggle with Sang A, she ultimately pushes her into a garden pond that is filled with acid, killing Sang A.

Choi Do Il also shows up (as usual) to save In Joo, but not before he first saves In Kyung and kills Go Soo-im.

Oh, In Kyung reveals the entire tale on television, wins the reporter of the year award, and receives a sizable employment offer.

To finally be able to continue higher education and be with Jongho, she declines the employment offer.

Fans can’t get enough of In Kyung’s tender confession scene in which she acknowledges that her heart races whenever Jongho is nearby. It is the greatest sequence in Little Women episode 12.

As it turns out, their great-aunt got the house registered in her name, Oh In Joo also receives her dream home.

However, the ultimate surprise comes from none other than In Hye, who had cleverly plotted with Do Il and Hyorin.

Do I keep the money that In Joo was due to receive in Hyorin’s Panama account, and eventually the 70 billion won was distributed among them all?

The relationship between Do Il and In Joo did not have a pleasant or definitive ending for the fans, but there is a suggestion that Do Il harbors feelings for In Joo, and perhaps once things have calmed down, he would pursue her. Do Il’s final words to In Joo were “see you again” with a tinge of certainty.

In Little Women, all three sisters finally get to live their dreams, giving them each a pleasant new beginning. Kyung is able to pursue her education, In Joo is able to live in a beautiful apartment, and In Hye is free to travel as much as she likes without feeling guilty.

Mini Review of Little Women

Viewers have hailed Kim Hee Won and Jung Seo Kyung’s K-drama Little Women, which airs on Netflix and tvN, as a masterpiece of a film. Little Women demonstrates the magic that can happen when a woman writes female characters because of its intricate screenplay and multifaceted female characters.

Up to the very end, TVN’s Little Women remained loyal to its thriller genre, but in addition to a grim storyline, it also had captivating cinematography and a suspenseful background score that you’ll want to listen to repeatedly.

Little Women may not seem like a typical coming-of-age tale, but its dystopian undertones are appropriate for the postmodern age in which we live, where each of the three sisters—In Hye, In Kyung, and In Joo—had to travel on their own path before being free to follow their dreams and discover who they are.

Ratings of Little Women

The K-drama Little Women, which received 18,940,000 hours of views during the week of September 26 to October 4 on Netflix’s Non-English Global Top 10 chart, has been sweeping the world.

Along with enjoying success abroad, the drama’s final episode also received an amazing rating in South Korea, with an overall average audience of 7.7%, according to the Nielsen Korea chart.


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