What Has Happened to the Actors of “The Wire”?

There have been many successful HBO series throughout the years, but few can match The Wire in terms of critical recognition and fan fervor.

The 2002–2008 criminal thriller with a Baltimore setting has consistently been ranked among the greatest television programs of all time, and former President Barack Obama has declared it to be his all-time favorite show.

Even though The Wire was only nominated for two Emmys during its run and didn’t take home either, some commentators still view this as one of the worst snubs in the history of the ceremony.

Even though the show has been off the air for a while, some of the cast members claim they still routinely receive compliments on their performances. I believed that no one was really paying attention at the time, said Isiah Whitlock Jr., who portrayed dishonest state lawmaker Clay Davis, to The Guardian in March 2018.

More people than ever before know me from the show. People who have just seen it approach me and want to discuss it. They need to know that that happened ten years ago.

What Has Happened to the Actors of "The Wire"?

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Idris Elba, who played Russell Stringer Bell, believes that the program helped to advance his career to a new level. Prior to his role in The Wire’s first three seasons, he had made appearances in movies and TV shows, but he had not yet achieved leading man status.

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The Prometheus actor admitted to The Scotsman in February 2010 that nothing has brought him more work than The Wire. It opened doors for me with Luther very recently due to its extremely slow drip impact. Two years after the final episode of The Wire aired, Elba was cast in the lead role of the BBC crime drama Luther.

With each season focused on a different aspect of the city—the police force, the newspaper, the school system, etc.—the show was hailed when it first aired for its realistic portrayal of what happens in the corridors of power. Its reality, according to co-creator Ed Burns, is one factor in the show’s continued popularity.

What Has Happened to the Actors of "The Wire"?

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