What Is the Best Way to Copy and Paste on the iPhone?

Thanks to Apple’s ecosystem, you can start a task on your phone and then switch to another device, such as a tablet, and continue working from exactly where you left off. You may utilize a feature called Continuity, which links all your Apple devices, to do everything from surfing the web to making an online purchase to sketching an illustration to texting your friends.

A global clipboard is a great tool used by Continuity. You can now copy an image, video, or link from your iPhone and paste it directly onto your iPad or Macbook thanks to the universal clipboard.

If you’ve used this resource before, you know how helpful it can be. However, there is a secret motion that can be learned that will make using the global clipboard a breeze.

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What Is the Best Way to Copy and Paste on the iPhone?

Is Continuity Supported on Your Devices?

  • Each of your Apple devices must satisfy the following conditions for Continuity to function properly:
  • Joined the same iCloud account
  • Both Bluetooth and Handoff need to be activated, and both devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Copy & paste between your iOS device and a computer with pinch movements.
  • Using the global clipboard’s pinch motions is the easiest way to copy and paste content.
  • Three-finger pinch in for a copy
  • Pull out with a three-finger pinch to use paste.
  • This function works best with media stored in the Photos app. Imagine you have a photo on your iPhone and you want to transfer it to your iPad.
  • To copy a photo from the Photos app on an iPhone to the clipboard, simply launch the app, locate the image you need to transfer, then pinch in with three fingers.
  • Then, open the iPad, navigate to a messaging or note-taking app, and pinch out using three fingers to copy and paste the image to your other device. You can see an example of this below.