What Is Whodunnit Week on Big Brother Canada Season 11?

Without a doubt, tonight’s episode of Big Brother Canada 11 was utterly chaotic. First, Zach left, and then there was Whodunnit Week.

Zach leaving the game will be covered in more detail later on in this article if you’re interested. Let’s focus more on the upcoming big week for the time being, though.

What is Whodunnit Week then? This is going to be a pretty enjoyable theme, according to host Arisa Cox, and the competitions the next week will take some interesting detours. Also, everything that happens will be kept private. It implies that someone can act boldly without experiencing any negative consequences. (This reminds us a lot of the ABC show Whodunnit, which only aired for one season but is extremely dear to our hearts.)
What Is Whodunnit Week on Big Brother Canada Season 11?

For the record, the HoH competition called the Inheritance, which will take place soon, is reportedly unlike anything the show has ever done.

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Will All of This Make for Some Captivating TV?

At the very least, it will be interesting. There is no doubting the compelling nature of anything we witnessed tonight, but that cannot continue. Instead, it is something that has only occasionally appeared on the show during its run. We are still puzzled by the absence of live streams.

Let’s be honest, though; even if there were live feeds for this season, likely, they wouldn’t be available during Whodunnit Week. Even though, in my opinion, knowing what was happening here as it happened would be much more interesting, this is the kind of stuff the program always prefers to stay quiet about.

What Is Whodunnit Week on Big Brother Canada Season 11?

Ty appears to be the target of choice right now, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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What Are You the Most Excited to See Entering Whodunnit Week on Big Brother Canada 11?

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