What to Do if Meta (oculus) Home Opens Automatically?

Meta (Oculus) If you’ve purchased games from Meta and want to play them, you may find that Home is convenient, but that doesn’t mean you want it to launch immediately. When using SteamVR to play games, for instance, Home is typically superfluous and can potentially be a drain on system resources.

Home’s automatic launch (which might cause problems with some games) can be disabled by setting it to launch in administrative mode. If you do this, it won’t launch automatically whenever you hook up your Rift or launch a virtual reality game via an external source like Steam.

If you have any problems launching a game after making this change, you can either revert to running it normally or use the Oculus Tray Tool.

What to Do if Meta (oculus) Home Opens Automatically?

Meta warned us last month that we’d need to sign up for a Meta account in order to use their Quest VR headsets, and that time has now come.

This morning, Meta sent out an email that you may have ignored as I did, reminding us that, as of today, all new Quest users must sign up for a Meta account. Current users have until January 1, 2023, to continue using their current setup before they will also be needed to create a Meta account.

A Facebook account was formerly obligatory for headset use, however, that requirement has been removed. Now, you may sign up for Meta with either your email address or Facebook profile (Instagram is now available for new users).

What to Do if Meta (oculus) Home Opens Automatically?

You won’t lose any of your old applications or achievements or friends, but they will be renamed “Meta Horizon followers” in your new account. Your Oculus information will be transferred to your new Meta Horizon profile, which is “your social profile in VR and other surfaces like the web,” as described by Meta.

Meta advises upgrading your Quest headset to the newest software (RIP my mods) to avoid any complications during the account switching process.

Here’s a link to a video that gives a quick rundown of the new features that the company has introduced. Open the Oculus mobile app or go to the Meta website at this link to begin the update.