The Watcher: What TV Shows to Watch Next.!

It can be difficult to determine which TV programs are worthwhile for your time and which are better left at the bottom of your queue in a market flooded with true crime storylines, both real and fictional. The Watcher, Netflix’s most recent entry into the true crime genre, is unquestionably the former.

No one could be excused for having low hopes for how The Watcher will approach its true crime story in light of the criticisms of distastefulness that Ryan Murphy’s other recent true crime series, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, has gotten.

But it appears that The Watcher has steered clear of its predecessor’s exploitative slant and instead provided us with another gripping yet horrifying interpretation of actual events.

We’ve got you covered, whether you’re a fan of true crime, searching for another mystery to binge, or just looking for something to do while you check to see if the watcher in question was ever apprehended. The TV shows listed below are excellent additions to any watchlist since they share a similar spirit as The Watcher.


View on: Netflix

The Netflix drama You is the perfect choice if you want to watch another program that will make you constantly check behind you for potential stalkers and wonder about the motives of everyone you see. In this series, the stalker thinks he is guarding his victims, just like in The Watcher.

The fact that Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, the stalker, is the main character makes You Different and totally nuts in the best way conceivable. We get to hear his thoughts and defenses for his progressively insane behavior through voice-over narration in addition to seeing things from his point of view.

The Watcher: What TV Shows to Watch Next

If it means cloning their phone, imprisoning their pals in the glass cage he keeps in his basement, or even murdering a number of people every season, Joe is willing to do whatever it takes to show his love to whichever unfortunate woman is the object of his current infatuation. You are not a high-end television program, but it is a tonne of fun.

Under the Banner of Heaven

View On: Hulu

Under the Banner of Heaven, another outstanding true crime television program, likewise depicts a town full of secrets and a case that poses a threat to reveal them. Under the Banner of Heaven follows Mormon Detective Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield) as he looks into the gruesome killing of Brenda Lafferty (Daisy Edgar Jones) and her child in a small community in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah in the 1980s.

Brenda’s murder is linked to a conservative Mormon sect, Pyre learns with the aid of his partner Detective Bill Taba (Gil Birmingham). Pyre strives to win over the church elders who want to ignore the situation rather than become involved while still obtaining Brenda and her child the justice they deserve.

Pyre is forced to reconcile his faith with the horrific deeds committed in the name of his God. After watching The Watcher, add Under the Banner of Heaven to your true crime binge because it boasts one of Andrew Garfield’s most captivating performances.

Only Murders in the Building

View on Hulu

If you still want to watch a compelling mystery but need some sleep at night, Only Murders in the Building is the ideal choice. Following a murder that brings 3 true crime enthusiasts together, this comedic series follows Mabel Mora

(Selena Gomez), Charles Haden-Savage (Steve Martin), and Oliver Putnam (Martin Short). The trio decides to make their own true crime podcast to document their research and the clues they find because they do not believe the man’s death was a suicide, as previously determined by the police.

The Watcher: What TV Shows to Watch Next

Only Murders in the Building takes the premise seriously while yet giving its characters and audience enough room to laugh at comedic legends. After all, Martin Short and Steve Martin serve as co-leads. Only Murders in the Building is the ideal palate cleanser if The Watcherleft you feeling more than a little uneasy.

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 The Haunting of Hill House

View on: Netflix

A massive house with a sinister secret? Check. An innocent family who moved into the said home was terrorized till they lost it. Check once more. The Watcher has a lot more in common with The Haunting of Hill House than you might realize, even if it isn’t a straightforward horror TV show.

Although the terrifying apparition known as The Watcher is believed to be a single individual rather than a group of evil spirits like in The Haunting of Hill House, the horror that comes from not knowing who or what precisely you and your family are up against persists. The Crain family’s present-day struggles with the shocking loss of one of their own are intercut with flashbacks to when they originally settled in Hill House in The Haunting of Hill House.

The miniseries is a tremendously moving examination of how trauma affects a family and has several scenes that will give viewers nightmares.

The Sinner

View on: Netflix

The Sinner is a crime anthology series that follows Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) as he looks into many small-town killings and the motives behind the perpetrators. Only Detective Ambrose serves as a link across the seasons, with each season concentrating on a different case.

The Sinner, like The Watcher, has a strong cast that spans multiple seasons and includes Carrie Coon, Jessica Biel, Matt Bomer, and Chris Messina. Even though The Sinner has four seasons available for bingeing, the anthology style and the fictional storylines in the series make it ideal for viewers who want to watch crime stories in manageable doses rather than going down a true crime rabbit hole.

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The White Lotus

Stream on HBO Max

After watching The Watcher, are you interested in another Jennifer Coolidge-starring series? The White Lotus may be the right performance for you. The White Lotus, which takes place at the made-up White Lotus resort in Hawaii, follows both resort visitors and staff members the week before a murder takes place there.

The Watcher: What TV Shows to Watch Next

We discover over the course of the season that the customers of the White Lotus do not have perfect lives. The White Lotus may not be as intense as The Watcher, but it still has a lot of shocking turns and revealed secrets that make it difficult to know who to believe or support.

Truth Be Told

Viewing Through Apple Tv+

Truth Be Told’s story is fictional, but it still understands what makes people interested in true crime stories.

In the movie Truth Be Told, Octavia Spencer plays a podcaster and true crime investigator who is asked to look into the case of a murderer whose conviction she assisted in.

She becomes aware that she might have been mistaken and that the true murderer might still be at large as more evidence comes to light. Truth Be Told is a really good series to add to your collection if The Watcherleft you yearning for a mystery with clearer explanations and a satisfying conclusion.