What Will Happen to Gary in The Season Finale of “A Million Little Things”?

At this point, most people out there are well aware of the fact that A Million Little Things will give you the series finale next week. Also, it s going to be sad but also hopeful. Really, it is going to be a combination of all of those emotions.

We should note that the promo that we saw for the finale tonight did not give a ton of stuff away, but it also did not really need to. After all, we have a pretty clear sense of what s coming at this particular moment in time.

Gary is dying, and he has allowed himself to go out on his own terms. He and Maggie are married, and we would not be surprised if most of this final episode is about saying goodbye. We also would not be surprised if there is a funeral or a time jump.

A Million Little Things series finale

Despite losing a beloved character at the end of this story, we still don t think that this is meant to be a really depressing end.
There are reasons to still have hope for some of these characters’ futures, and we don t think that Gary himself would want them all to be sad and mourning him until the end of their own lives. He d want them out celebrating and living to the fullest.

We tend to think that before he goes, he will tell all of them more of what they meant to him but beyond just that, also make sure that things are in order for his own kid down the line.

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What Does Friendship Mean?

Everything. The same as love, which takes many forms. All of this could be present as we say goodbye to this story.

A Million Little Things series finale

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What Do You Think We Will See on The A Million Little Things Series Finale?

How do you think all major loose ends are going to be tied up? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do that, come back for other updates.