What You Need to Know About Force Quitting on Mac?

The rainbow spinning wheel, often known as the wait cursor, is one of the most annoying things your Mac can do when it’s having trouble keeping up with the responsibilities you’ve given it.

You could wait until your screen unfreezes if a programme isn’t functioning as expected. Although, at times, it’s hard to predict how long that’ll take. To stop the endless loop of the spinning wheel, simply close the frozen programme.

The force quit function terminates an unresponsive programme immediately. Keep in mind that if you use the force quit tool to exit a frozen programme like Microsoft Word or a web browser, you may lose any unsaved work.

The Apple menu option for a hard shutdown on a Mac

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1. If an app isn’t responding, you must first find it. Looking at the pointer is the quickest way to tell which of the numerous open programmes isn’t responding. If the cursor appears to be functioning normally, the app is still active. If the app’s cursor looks like the rainbow wheel spinning around, it’s frozen.

What You Need to Know About Force Quitting on Mac?

2. Navigate to the top of the screen, where the taskbar usually is, and close the app that isn’t responding. To access the submenu, click the Apple icon in the upper left corner.

3. pick “Force Quit…” from the menu’s pull-down.

4. A new window will appear, listing all the programmes currently active on your Mac. Choose the programme you want to close abruptly. You can use the Command to select many programmes to terminate at once.

5. Select the Force Quit option afterwards. Any modifications that aren’t saved will prompt a warning window to appear.