Where to Animal Kingdom Season 6: It Is Streaming on Hulu and Netflix!

Animal Kingdom Season 6 will be the final batch of episodes for the series, and the Cody family is back. As in prior seasons, we’ll follow both the present-day timeline and a flashback in which we meet Smurf and the kids in the 1990s.

After Pope assassinated Catherine on Smurf’s orders back in season 2, viewers reacted astonishment as cops found her dead in the desert in the season 5 finale. Animal Kingdom Season 6 will explore the fallout as the Codys discover of Pope’s actions while attempting to avoid going to jail.

We can anticipate more drama and heists, though, because it’s Animal Kingdom. The boys will team up for one final assignment that may be their greatest haul yet, according to the trailer. Additionally, we can anticipate the return of a few characters from previous seasons, like Deran’s father Billy and perhaps Scott Speedman as Baz (though we are assuming his scenes will be flashbacks).

Starting in 1992, the prior timeline will show Pope, Julia, and Baz as adolescents who are all, most likely, employed by Smurf. We’re hoping that the season will showcase some of their first team projects, and we’re eager to discover more about Julia in Animal Kingdom Season 6.

What Is Season 6 of Animal Kingdom About?

where to animal kingdom season 6

The main character of “Animal Kingdom” is Joshua “J” Cody, who relocates to Southern California to live with his estranged cousins after the sad overdose death of his mother. The family business is handled by his grandmother, Janine “Smurf” Cody, and her right-hand man, Baz. He has been kept away from her for years. Joshua learns that he has been kept in the dark because Smurf and the lads engage in planned armed robberies and other nefarious activities to survive while he lives with them.

Joshua gradually gains Janine’s confidence and demonstrates his commitment to the clan, but in the final season, a cold case probe from the past poses a challenge to their hegemony. The Cody lads must now make one last decision between their family and their power, which sets off a series of violent retaliation. Interested in watching “Animal Kingdom” season 6? You can do so in the following ways!

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12th Episode of Animal Kingdom Season 6 Recap

Everything appears to be going according to plan as preparations are made to free Pope from prison. J secretly gives Pope a tracker during a visit, which he later implants in his stomach. Craig and Deran are making an effort to take advantage of their remaining time in Oceanside by visiting the beach.

It turns out that J was actually betraying his uncles, which is a surprising turn of events. He tricks Penny into making a change to one of the trust’s pre-notarized papers. Now that he had access to the money permanently.

The severity of Smurf’s abuse toward Julia is then revealed in a flashback scenario. When her daughter unavoidably needed assistance, she expelled her from the house and made sure Baz wouldn’t give it to her. Julia fell deeper into her heroin addiction since she had no other options and nowhere to live.

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What Websites Offer Animal Kingdom Season 6?

where to animal kingdom season 6

Although past seasons of Animal Kingdom are streamable on Amazon Prime Video, new seasons are originally broadcast on TNT. You’ll need to access TNT’s website or app to stream Animal Kingdom Season 6. To view new episodes instead, sign up for a Hulu Live membership. You can use the “View Live” function on TNT’s website to watch the episode as it airs live on Sundays if you’re available to do so.

You’ll probably have to wait a few months until Animal Kingdom Season 6 is streamable on Amazon Prime Video if you don’t have access to TNT. Unfortunately, none of the main streaming services—Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max—offer the series right now for streaming.