Where to Watch All American Season 3? All American Season 3 Is Streaming on Netflix and Hulu!

On The CW’s All American, actor Spencer Paysinger, a former NFL player, serves as the inspiration for the show’s protagonist. Spencer James, a character partially based on Paysinger, is played by British actor Daniel Ezra, who returns to Crenshaw High for his final year of high school.

A pandemic-related delay to the release of Season 3 of The CW’s The 100 has finally come to a close. Finally, a Netflix option for individuals who don’t have The CW will be available soon: All American.

All American: What’s the story there?

The real story’s protagonist:

Paysinger’s story is the inspiration for All American, an American sports drama that is based on a true story of a Super Bowl-winning NFL player. Spencer Collin’s Christopher Paysinger, a former linebacker for Beverly Hills High School, is currently a high school football coach. All American producers were given his story, which is now being acted out and observed by a large audience.


All American relates the story of a young black boy who grew up in a rough neighborhood in South L.A., yet he was known by everyone in the community for his brilliance in football. He was raised by a single mother after his father abandoned the family and had to rely on others to provide for him. He tried to make a profession out of football but failed miserably because of the town in which he was reared and was negatively affected in numerous ways by evil gangs. They were able to arrange for his transfer and entrance to Beverly Hills to play football because of an old relationship between his mother and the coach there.

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The transition to living with the coach and his family was difficult at first, but he eventually grew used to it. He still returned home on weekends to see his mother and younger brother. The All-American series tells the narrative of Spencer Paysinger’s childhood hardships and his subsequent rise to NFL stardom.

Where Can I Watch All American Season 3?

The third season of All American started on The CW on Monday, January 18, and will run through the end of the season in the spring. After the CW airs an episode of All American each Monday night through cable, satellite, or other means of watching live television on your television, fresh episodes of All American will be available on The CW website and The CW App each Tuesday following the airing of the show online. The best part is that watching episodes online is free.

where to watch all american season 3

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New episodes of All American Season 3 can be accessed via your cable, satellite, or internet-based service’s on-demand option. A day following its first airing on television, the most recent episode of All American will be made available for viewing on The CW’s website and mobile app. Individual episodes and the complete season can also be purchased (new episodes will be available each week). Both of these streaming options are available for purchase right here (opens in a new tab).

Is there going to be a third season of All American on Netflix?

It’s no secret that Netflix was All American’s savior when the streaming company released the first two seasons of the show in the summer of 2020. Before that, All American had a devoted following, but the number of people watching it was significantly lower than it is now thanks to Netflix’s distribution. A few years after the season finale of All American airs on The CW, Season 3 of the show will be available on Netflix as part of a contract made between the two parties several years ago.

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Hulu offers a streaming option for All Americans.

Yes!! There is a Hulu option for watching All American. Hulu is able to stream All American since it airs on CW every week, and Hulu is able to stream CW because it offers live to CW. It is broadcast on Mondays at 8 p.m. A joint venture between Warner Bros. and CBS, CW stands for “C” for CBS and “W” for Warner Bros. A person must use “Hulu’s live TV channels by Zip Code” in order to find out whether CW is available.