Where to Watch American Psycho? Is American Psycho on Hbo Max?

Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner developed the script for American Psycho, a 2000 satire horror film directed by Harron. Reese Witherspoon and Justin Theroux join Christian Bale, Will Dafoe, and Jared Leto in this action-thriller directed by Christian Bale and starring Chlo Sevigny, Samantha Mathis, and Josh Lucas. Patrick Bateman (Bale), a New York City investment banker with a second life as a serial killer, is the focus of Bret Easton Ellis’s 1991 novel American Psycho.

With horror and black humor, the film parodies the 1980s yuppie lifestyle and materialism, best represented by Bateman’s portrayal in the film.

Where to Watch American Psycho Plot

He spends most of his time dining at trendy restaurants while maintaining appearances for his fiancée, Evelyn Williams, and his network of wealthy associates, most of whom he despises. Bateman and his associates show off their business cards at a meeting. Bateman kills a homeless man because he is enraged at his colleague Paul Allen’s superiority. After the Christmas party, Bateman and Allen, who think Bateman is another coworker, decide to go to dinner.

where to watch american psycho

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For Bateman, Allen’s wealth and ability to book reservations at Dorsia, a prestigious restaurant that Bateman is unable to access, are sources of resentment. On Allen’s answering machine Bateman tells him that Allen has gone to London on a business trip, and then kills him.

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Where to Watch American Psycho Cast

  • As Patrick Bateman, Christian Bale portrays a New York City investment banker who also happens to be an unrepentant serial killer.
  • Paul Allen’s murder was investigated by private investigator Donald Kimball, played by actor Willem Dafoe.
  • Actor Jared Leto portrays fellow investment banker Paul Allen in the role of Paul Allen.
  • As Bateman’s assistant, Chlo Sevigny plays Chlo Sevigny.
  • Witherspoon portrays Bateman’s fiancee, Evelyn Williams, who he despises.
  • Josh Lucas as Craig McDermott, Matt Ross as Luis Carruthers, Bill Sage as David Van Patten, Justin Theroux as Timothy Bryce, and Anthony Lemke as Marcus Halberstram are Bateman’s colleagues. Both Stephen Bogaert and Samantha Mathis as Harold Carnes, Bateman’s lawyer, and Courtney Rawlinson, Carruthers’ fiancée, in the film.

Is American Psycho on HBO Max?

Yes! HBO Max has American Psycho accessible to stream. HBO Max has a lot of material for $14.99 a month, which is ad-free and gives you access to all of HBO Max’s titles. The streaming service has unveiled a lower-cost, ad-supported option for $9.99 per month.

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Is American Psycho on Direct TV?

Direct TV subscribers can watch American Psycho for free! There are tens of thousands of more programs and movies available to you! Enjoy.